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At this point in time I am thinking about how development for this mod will go down the road. I have many ideas that could work out well, or could completely flop, depending on how they are implemented. The preview picture is an example of one of the potential things I can do with this. Even so, none of this is guaranteed. However, below I'll show in text, how I view the development tree continuing, and even branching off.

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The numbers above represent the sequential patches I've released so far.

This is essentially how I plan to continue this, with just one more patch that ties up loose ends, then work on a making a new version with new weapons added.

Other features that may be added, or might never come to fruition.

-Radioactive bites from mutants. (this is possible, and wouldn't be that hard to implement.)
-Gas mask filters that run out
-Batteries for flashlights and night vision
-The faction idea in the image above, the purpose of which is to blur the lines between factions in the game_relations script by adding intermediate factions.

In fact I should elaborate on how I think factions should work. I think GSC have focused too much on making them stratified groups. The factions in the Zone are merely ideologies and elements. Loners, being those who are self-dependent, are faction less, but could more-or-less fall into the grey areas between factions. For instance, you could have lone stalkers, for whatever reason, resort to robbery, extortion, and murder of other stalkers because of either simple greed, or because they've been shunned away from other groups of stalkers due to their poor reputation.

These vagabonds would look like any other loner, but would attack and try to kill other loners, and even the player.

There could also be stalker-hunters, who are mercenary stalkers, but not necessarily professional mercenaries, and therefore lack their level of organization. Stalker-hunters could be a faction that is specifically geared towards hunting the player, armed with a wide variety of weapons and tactics to do so.

In any case, these two factions would serve the purpose of adding an element of unpredictability and widespread distrust in the Zone, which is really not a place that someone trusts others in.

Now, as for the traditional paramilitary factions that are well-known as Freedom and Duty. I have other plans for them. Due to the fact that in SoC both Duty and Freedom are in a technical ceasefire, they could, and very well should use loners as proxies for them, like they use Marked One in the plot line of the story. Joining either Duty or Freedom would get the sympathizers of the other faction to be hostile.

Prone - - 121 comments

I like your ideas, they would make the zone feel much more alive. One thing I would like to see is the original AI implemented. Mainly because in Beta stages, apparently the AI could easily outsmart the player and outflank them, so GSC toned them down. Just a suggestion.

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FatalFunnel Author
FatalFunnel - - 709 comments

I like that idea, although something like that is probably far beyond my current technical competence.

I do remember times when I was playing builds 1935 and 2571 where the enemy would try to outflank me or create diversions.

The AI in the finished SoC actually can and does flank and sneak at times, even the mutants can do that.

Many of those sorts of features were brought back into SoC in mods, particularly anomaly avoidance. The MSO mod for Call of Pripyat would probably be a good example of how far the AI can be taken, but I don't know if a counterpart could be made for SoC.

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fox2 - - 2 comments

I love the idea of the sympathetic groups, but wouldn't you say its slightly extreme for them to go around shooting one another? I mean, typically, Freedom seem to take all the help they can get as long as they are likeable and can hold their drink. So why wouldn't these sympathisers just join them? I can see that Duty have slightly more stringent joining processes, i.e, you need to know how to hold a gun and have a sense of morality. Agreed. But I don't see why loners would go around shooting each other just because of an ideal. These guys need all the help they can get.

The sympathetic group idea is a fantastic one, it highlights the grey area of morality in the zone brilliantly, but unless they are physically given missions by Freedom/Duty to go kill other factions members, I just can't mentally justify loners blasting each other over a minor campfire political discussion (Although, that brings up a great mental image of a group of stalkers round a campfire saying "oh here we go again" as two sympathisers start yelling at each other haha)

On the other side of the coin, I think the Stalker Hunters and the Vagabonds are quite possibly one of the best ideas I have heard faction wise. It perfectly highlights the opportunistic side of humanity. The people who will take someone elses money to go do something, but not wanting to go the full distance and join up. I would love to actually be able to join up with these "loose" factions, especially the Stalker Hunters. They might be designed to hunt you specifically, but like Sidorivich's assassination missions, you could be given contracts by the mercs to go kill key Duty/Freedom/Loners.

Anyway, thats my two pence. I love this mod, it knocks me on my arse all the time. Although, you might want to look into Chimera's speed if you can. I can outrun them quite easily, although, I suppose with those evil pounces, it doesn't matter how far you run.

Thanks again for a great mod, and I look forward to seeing it progress!

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FatalFunnel Author
FatalFunnel - - 709 comments

Well, as far as making sympathizer factions go, I might not even do that. I could probably break off Military Stalkers from being actual Military and just make them their own faction, and perhaps restore remnants of Clear Sky.

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fox2 - - 2 comments

Heh, restoring the Clear Sky guys would be great. Anyway, I look forward to the next release, I love factional stuff.

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FatalFunnel Author
FatalFunnel - - 709 comments

It's no guarantee that I will add these things, they're just hypothetical ideas at the moment, even adding new levels is possible, but it comes with too much work for one person to do, and after all, I am still open to people willing to work on the mod.

Two specializations that I'd like to have at the moment are:

1. A decent scripter.
2. A texture artist who can do small stuff for the UI, and possibly concept art.

I'm not exactly good at either of these, but I do what I can.

In the future I might also need someone who's familiar with modeling and animation.

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