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Polishing the ingame content & working on the trailer.

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Devblog 20

We have finally implemented all the content that has been lying around for a while.

All the creatures, bots and weapons.

Concept art

Now it´s time to do some more work on the enemy faction. We have planned a raidable HQ tower, some outposts and smaller buildings. Tyson made a few rough sketches for brainstorming.

The Tower sketches2

The enemy faction HQ will be a very tall tower. Players will be able to infiltrate it.

unnamed 1

First sketches of the enemy faction mining outposts.

Multiplayer mechs & transport

Julian did a great job on all parts of the game. We still had a lot of trouble after updating to unity 5.5. The whole building system was screwed and we had to fix a ton of stuff.

The multi person system for mechs and airborne vehicles is finally working and I can tell it´s a lot of fun!

vlcsnap 4375 04 20 11h56m55s724

The 4 legged T3 mech can transport up to 3 players. 1 pilot (maingun) and one gunner on each side.

T3 Mech in action - still needs IK!

We´ve also implemented a transport system for the mechs. You can now pickup any of the 5 mechs and drop them off at the battlefield. But tell your friends not to use the mech´s weapons while being transported :)

The player ship can pickup all the mechs and drop them at a desired location.

Mech mining!

The scout mech is the first mech featuring a modular weapon system. You can mount a machine gun, mining laser or plasma cannon to it.

vlcsnap 3209 03 11 05h52m55s343

The scout mech is the smallest mech in Pantropy. It can be used for mining or battle.

Creatures & bots

Julian has polished the pathfinding and AI system. It´s getting better each day.

We had too much fun spawning hundreds of creatures. Poor server!

The guard bot is a heavily armored biotech unity. It has a heavy plasma cannon and missiles.

The worms are also ingame now. We still need to add some better breakout effects, especially for the desert biome.

You´ll encounter these in the desert biome.

Worms react on noise.

The big mining station was implemented last week aswell. No more grinding for ores!

mining station

The mining station uses energy cells and drill heads.

Player base building

Osman has created another barricade model that can be placed on base walls. Spikey!

pantropy barricades02 First set of defense equipment.

And for all of you who don´t want to take the stairs – there´s now an elevator. You easily stack these onto each other.

pantropy elevator

We might work on a heavy elevator too...

Just in case you don´t like elevators:

Osman has created a nice one-piece stair case model.


Staircase model based on community request.

The heavy gate is working now too. Get ready for some big things to come!

We had to make a bigger one for some heavy equipment.

Based on many community requests we´ve added a few more building parts :

inverted corner

The inverted oblique corner.


Triangle floors and foundations.

Going underground!

Don´t want to expose your base to other players and deadly creatures? Craft a tunnel hatch and expand your base underground! We´re still using the same T2 base parts for this. In the future we´ll have a separate underground set for it.

pantropy secretfeature

Tunnel hatch.

Here´s a quick introduction how it works :

I´ve been pretty busy working on the map. Optimizing some shaders, models and textures and placing 1000+ rocks and cliffs on the map.

pantropy landscape01

The landscape is finally nice to look at.

I´ve also created a few dense forests.

pantropy inthewoods

Base building in the woods.

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Pantropy alpha

Thanks for reading!

Your Pantropy Team


Wow, can't believe I had never heard of this before. It's looking very, very tidy. Will be tracking, for sure. Best of luck with future development!

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Pantropy Author

Thanks a lot!

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I have been thinking about it, and a first person shooter MOBA with base building and resource management, would be an interesting gamemode. Maybe sinve you have improved AI, there could be infantry, vehicles and aircrafts that follow a certain path and fight anything they encounter? Just an idea.

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Pantropy Author

Thanks for your input!

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Looks sick !

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