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As expected, there was a lot of work going on in the summer, let's see the details.

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The mod reached a point by the end of this summer, where all 8 maps are part of progression, connected and mostly finished aside from events and story. This was the biggest step so far, and it was necessary to start the work on the demo, since as previously mentioned it contains map parts of each of those maps.

The 2 maps that were added recently are "Noble Villa" (by Lester) and "Ruined Crypt" (by Oddstuff and RetroTree), that were previously highly unfinished, especially the second one. Vivarium, the last map's reveal, will have to wait a bit until i'm satisfied with its quality enough to showcase it.



With the demo mentioned, I need to say its release was moved to later (I'll do everything I can, to release it this year), due to a lot of bugfixing and expansions of existing levels. The sheer size of the mod and the levels didn't come without its technical difficulties, such as crashes, materials not appearing (see below)

Amnesia The Dark Descent Screens

These technical difficulties were mostly attended by only me, this one even took an entire year to figure out what causes it (thanks to Logan and Florian for tips).

Logan is working on new music, for now I have one of my own edits to showcase:

The demo itself will feature 2 maps, 4 sections each from various levels from the mod. It's a standalone nightmare type concept that features a descent similar to the original game, and a series called Made in Abyss (screen below is illustration from that one):

vertical layers

So that's another inspiration to add to the list.

Compared to the single cathedral hall I had last year, we now have this monstrous world that I'm working with (on the screen you can even barely see the underground sections, they go pretty far down), as courtesy by all the talented people I have on the team. I have updated the team member roster on the release group, you can check that out as well if you're interested who did what, with a few WIP screenshots featured there as well.

outline all

The demo project name is called "Cardia" for various reasons you'll see on release.

It has its own, standalone story, that you can separately enjoy, even after the final release. Basically an indirect prologue to the events in the mod.

Best of luck until then, it will worth the wait!


I especially like that last screenshot, it reminded me of Devil May Cry.
The OST is very good as well. 👍 Keep the good work!

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