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It's been a while without great update on our page. Now, it's finally here. Let's talk about it.

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Despite the importance of promoting our mods in a variety of websites across the internet, the design of the later ones is one of the most important part of our mods.

Therefore, It is important to work on an unique design to be able to create a sort of reflection of Phoenix Interactive and the "brand" itself. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the things we put out, and that includes them being able to understand that the mod is being developed and published by us. We've been definitely interested in adding this design to our mod's pages. In fact, the design does not comes with only graphical elements, it comes with new page features like Hover buttons, a brand new header, new forum design, new pictures viewer and so on... to give you the best browsing experience possible.

Accordingly, to do it, we are working on stylesheets during our spare time (It means, when we can't work on the mod). It was also a necessary precaution to import our website design (Made by us, of course) to this page because we love when "everything is connected".

Truly, we expect the result will be a fully working page, with all features and things related to the mod to give you the best design out there and the best experience. The lack of HTML instant access is all that holds us back. This is the reason why everytime, i need to discuss with Henley, from Moddb's staff, in order to get the things work.

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Looking good, hope this mod stays alive and well! :D

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Wow, wish all moddb pages were like this!. ;-)

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Looks good...But where ismy favourite background, I name this: ("Armada of United Races go out of hyper jump in Solar System") :D

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