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Overzealous 1.1.3 is now released, with new changes AND merchandise! This covers all changes and new features in the update.

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Official Trailer

Be sure to check your controls, key-bindings and weapon settings.

Version 1.1.3 is available for download here: Overzealous 1.1.3 file - Mod DB

New Merch for Overzealous with original art posters are also available for sale here at my shop: Overzealous Merch


-Install Instructions:

1. Download the zip file and open it or open file location in your downloads folder.

2. Drag and drop the "overzeal" folder into your Doom 3 install location. (where you have Doom 3 installed on your PC)

3. Open Doom 3, open the mods list on the menu, and select "Overzealous V1.1.3". Load it and begin playing.


1. Weapons/

Pistol, Chainsaw, Machinegun, Chaingun, BFG, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Gun, and BFG have new textures. All weapons except for the BFG have increased max ammo. Two new weapons added.

Pistol has an edited texture, new firing sound, faster fire rate.

Shotgun has increased clip size to 12 rounds, reloads four shells instead of two, has faster fire rate, better firing sound, and now fires a plasma slug with medium accuracy for mid-range combat, but still better in close quarters. The slug also lights up areas it hits, providing it an ability to light up dark places to help players see.

Auto Shotgun. A new weapon added to the inventory, this full-auto shotty fires buckshot and replaces the shotgun's role in close-range combat. Low damage per pellet and low accuracy, but high fire rate. It uses shotgun ammo and it also lights up areas that its pellets hit. 30-round magazine allows for long periods of dealing massive damage to targets that are too close. It can be found in Mars City Administration and in Delta 5 when you return from Hell.

Machine Gun has a new texture, better firing sound, increased fire rate, and now has tracer effects.

Chaingun now has a 100-round mag, and can hold 700 rounds in reserve ammo. Faster fire rate, better firing sound, increased accuracy and knockback to enemies, and fires two projectiles per shot, but decreased damage. Very powerful and meant for larger enemies or larger numbers of enemies.

Grenades now explode on contact, and now have a new particle effect when they explode. They also travel farther and are less effected by gravity.

The Unmaker. A new weapon to rival the BFG. Has an 8-round capacity and high fire rate. This is inspired from the Doom 64 and Eternal Unmakers, and is the Double Shotgun, but reskinned, uses grenade ammo, and fires explosive fireballs that are effected by gravity, making it a grenade launcher-like weapon with high damage per pellet and high explosive damage. Fireballs travel slowly so players are rewarded for leading their shots ahead of targets and actually aiming. Meant for use against groups of enemies or larger enemies. It can be found in Mars City Administration and in Delta 5 when you return from Hell.

Plasma Gun has a new texture, new firing sound, faster fire rate, new reload sound, faster plasma ball projectile speed, less damage, and fires white hot plasma. Also has increased mag size to 70 rounds.

Rocket Launcher now fires four rockets in one shot with a buckshot spread, less damage per rocket, slower fire rate, and higher knockback and explosive radius.

BFG 9000 has a faster projectile speed, and can now fit all of its cell ammo into one clip to make reloading less frequently needed. It can now charge five cells into a super charge, dealing more damage in a charge shot. New texture to look like the classic BFG, and new firing and reload sounds.

Soul Cube now has a new equip sound and new firing sound. It also has a new glowing light effect when it flies to attack enemies.

2. Enemies/

Most enemies have slightly increased health and damage, and all enemies with lunge attacks now have increased lunge range, so they can lunge from longer distances, making them more dangerous and unpredictable.

Most enemies have new sound effects, especially all bosses. Bosses now all have increased health, and the Cyberdemon is now able to be damaged by all weapons, but has massive health.

Zombies have new sounds, and Zombie Security weapons do more damage, but their bullets travel slower. Zombie commandos and Zombie security all fire fireballs so the player can see where they are shooting from better, and to make them seem more demonic.

Imp fireballs and cacodemon fireballs have explosive damage. Imp, cacodemon, revenant, and hellknight fireballs now move slightly faster and have more damage.

3. Player/

Players now have have increased run speed and jump height, and max armor is increased to 175. New death sounds that punish the player for dying. You don't want to find out.

4. Cosmetic/

Menu music theme is now changed to "Down With the Sickness" from Disturbed.

In-game menu music changed to a creepy soundtrack from Dead Frontier.


Me, the creator of Overzealous

Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games for weapon sounds.

Raven and Id Software for Quake 4 enemy sounds.

Disturbed for their song "Down With the Sickness Instrumental"

Dead Frontier/Neil Yates for the "Purple Zone" soundtrack

Bloodrayne, for his Railgun model used for the auto shotgun.

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