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Some months ago we celebrated over 3 years of development, and the game has changed a lot since then. Time sure flies…

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In the field of videogames, maintaining the idea you had in the very beginning is a difficult and dangerous task. While developing, the game changes and adapts to the main goal, which is making it fun and entertaining. You are not able to imagine if it's going to be fun, or if it will meet your initial expectations, until you put the idea to test.
We started The Crow's Eye with the idea of conducting a crowd-funding campaign, and there are certain aspects of the game we pictured with that idea in mind. But then, at the moment of truth, you assume that the idea of crowd-funding is not as viable as you thought, and you get to face reality and become more realistic.
Because of that, we keep trying to adapt and overcome the difficulties we encounter throughout the entire process. Ultimately, our goal is to transform these problems into opportunities and give them a twist to turn them into game features, and by doing so we get a videogame with a clearer identity, and not just another horror game.

We will soon talk about how the game has evolved since we started.

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