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"I don't know how I feel about the line, "he is destined to become more powerful than ever his masters had imagined." As a writer or producer, you can't disturb the continuity of the movies with too many excessively powerful newcomers, and then try to piece the story back together later with a series of character deaths an write-offs, it is an abuse of the consistency that exists within the universe that we have all come to know and love. When I first saw Savage, I was as excited as everyone else, but they keep hyping him up, and now I'm starting to wonder just how much damage they are going to do to the existing canon."

Yet another post from Surfur127

"For example: At this point in the Clone Wars (the actual fictional war, not the similarly titled show) Obi-Wan and Anakin are well known throughout the galaxy as a nigh unbeatable duo, whose mighty deeds have been touted in more than a few headlines on the Holonet. To suddenly have them single handedly bested by this brash new thug would essentially be a rewrite that slaps the existing universe in the face... let's not do that. If he's going to be an "unstoppable juggernaut," then have him see his end quickly enough to avoid tainting the rest of the story, and if he's here to stay, then let's tone him down a bit, you can't have it both ways, to write him as such feels way too arbitrary, and that's a recipe for bad Sci-Fi."

if this guy has a moddb account, i want him in our group. he would make a fine addition to our ranks.

this one is from: Zayne Ryalt

I like the idea of getting to see Delta Squad, but I am scared of further curve balls to cannon that Clone Wars has thus far created. I think that "seeming" contradictions or major alterations to cannon should be addressed in some way. It saddens me to see Lucas (individual/company) not address this concern. One of the reasons Star Wars is better than "S.Trek" is it continuity and cannon.

this one is from: gaetanlongree

Great, didn't know there was a max, i just forgot what i wrote...Anyway, my point is Th Clone Wars is ruining (almost) everything that has been done before, it's like the Wookieepedia is beeing re-writing to please Dave so it's easier to place the episodes...Don't ruin the commandos, or else I'll have to throw my books away because the story won't be valid anymore.George! Dave is ruining what you've built, don't let him ruin anymore, I beg you!!!BTW, Dathomir really suck they way they show it, i prefer the SWG version...

"this is Delta289 and if our reading this, you are the Anti- Clone Wars Group!"


talk to him about this group, invite him.

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Commissar_Delta Author

idk if he has amoddb account XD

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ask him.

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I would like to read more on the subject. Interesting stuff.

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