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Time has come to announce a further feature of the upcoming Ostheer faction; its own map pool, filled with the work of many talented community mappers.

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Dear Eastern Front fans,

Time has come to announce a further feature of the upcoming Ostheer faction; its own map pool, filled with the work of many talented community mappers:

Ostheer map pool
Mapname Mapper
Feodosia (2p) MonolithicBacon
Freedom Square (2p) MonolithicBacon
Kummersdorf (2p) MonolithicBacon
Mstow (2p) cephalos
Novorossiysk (2p) MonolithicBacon
Spartanovka (2p) MaxiKing6
Kharkov (4p) BurroDiablo
Königsberg (4p) Snugz
Korosten (4p) MonolithicBacon
The Kremlin (4p) beagletank
Magnuszew (4p) Lord van Dalen
Prague (4p) MonolithicBacon
Vyazma (4p) MonolithicBacon
Karelia (6p) MaxiKing6
Lehrter Bahnhof (6p) MrScruff
Prokhorovka (6p) MaxiKing6
Tali Ihantala (6p) BurroDiablo
Voronezh (6p) MonolithicBacon
Stalingrad (8p) MaxiKing6 and MonolithicBacon

You still have the chance to become part of this very group - it's quite simple: Take part in the first official Eastern Front mapping contest! Excluded from participation are Eastern Front developers and mappers - due to the fact they are already part of the team. While creating your map, you have to stick to following rules:

  1. Your map has to fulfill the Eastern Front mapping rules!
  2. Your map should have the aim to be a competitive map (2 players) with a size not below 256x256 and not above 384x384.
  3. Your map should offer an at least decent visual quality.
  4. The scenario on which your map is based should be related to the Eastern Front of World War 2.
  5. Maps should only be created by single mappers! Group projects won't be taken into consideration.
  6. You may keep the community posted about progress on your map. Feel free to create a topic in the Mapping Section. Use a prefix ([CONTEST]) in the topic name to let the community identify your map as submitted to the contest.
  7. Once you consider your map finished, upload it and link it in a PM to one of the Head Mappers (Mystic-Car or MaxiKing6) who will then pass it on to the jury.
  8. Closing date is the 28th February, 2013.

The winner will receive following prices:

  • Access to Ostheer closed beta
  • His/her map being added to the official Ostheer map pool
  • Optional promotion to the "Mapper" position to be able to support the campaign development

The jury consists of all Eastern Front developers and balancers.

Have fun mapping!
Best regards,

Eastern Front Head Mapper


Ah, I wish the editor for CoH was simpler. For some reason I can't understand, even with all the tutorials. Either that, or my computer for some reason can't handel the map tool. :/ I've made some decent maps for Men of War, too bad I can't use that experience in here.

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Quite funny, I can make decent maps in CoH but I get totally lost when I go into the MoW map editor XD

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Yeah actually the Men of War Map Editor is more complicated <.<. I also get lost there.

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Hm. Guess My computer can't run the CoH editor then.

What the hell, I'll give this a shot and see what comes out of it. XD

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Hey guys, I just played Battle of The Bulge and it has incredible system programmed that whenever we start a new map it converts it into a winter map. But no separated map download like you people did. So, please can you make or insert that system which changes every map into winter map in you following updates? That will be a great help. I already like Eastern front the most and want every map to be cold and snowy and play Eastern Front(My favourite mod, must mention) with Russians. Please guys can you help me with this. A lot my friend played it and they also want the system to be inserted in Eastern front. If you do this it will be a great help. Thanks in advanced

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Well, good luck everyone!

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Thing is, there's already so many maps in this mod that it's going to be hard to find places and battles that haven't already been made. xD

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awesome job so far guys, these are some awesome maps

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When will it be released?? Coh2 is gonna come out in March -.-

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