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We have decided not to continue at this time with development of our Freelancer Mod 1.* and have decided to move onto a bigger standalone modification including the core idea of Freelancer (Enlist) as a base. More details will follow soon.

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The original module files we had for Freelancer 1.5 have been lost in a hard drive failure BuT we still have the last known version of Freelancer source code in Modmerger format. I will shortly again release the last known version this time with a fresh M&B Warband Module system and the Freelancer modmerger files. Also I will try and put together a copy of the compiled module and release it as Freelancer 1.6 as it contains fixes made by the Floris teams Cabad'rin (Taleworlds Forum Name).

Nords with Guns will most likely take up the Freelancer mantle again once the game Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is released. For now we will be working on a new standalone offshoot of Freelancer as Freelancer: Born To Serve.

"I end up in this awkward situation where my town has been taken and I have this army that is expensive, but I cannot take any town for income. I just want to join a lord, prance around the world map and smash faces. Is that too much to ask? "

A year and a half later Nords with Guns answers your call with Born to Serve!


Good luck with continuing freelancer mod idea! I love watching Freelancer in action on YouTube videos and playing it in-game as being a front line soldier is a great experience.

Shame the original module files were lost.

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