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Orcish Inn 0.0.8 (free pre-alpha) released. Highlights: beer brewing recipes, book interface and production flow control.

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There is a new version of Orcish Inn (0.0.8) available! Just start the launcher to download the recent version. If you are new to Orcish Inn, you can grab it here:

This update introduces the new hub book interface and a comfortable way to manage beer and cooking recipes, a feature which was often requested by you and probably wouldn't be part of the game if you didn't asked for it. Let me know what you think of the new recipe system!

The highlights of 0.0.8 are:

  • Hub Book Interface: the new book is opened by clicking on the book symbol at the bottom of the screen or by pressing F1; the old interface for clan info and upgrades is opened with F2 and will be moved to the book interface in the near future
  • Cooking Recipe Management: create and attach recipes to production machines
  • Controlling Production and Item Flow: producing objects can be paused and storages locked so production machines don't interact with them automatically
  • Writable Signs: available in the utility category of the building menu
  • Random Eutrophy Map: every time you start a new game, the eutrophy map (yellow bars) is randomly generated, challenging you to find new spots for your plants and not reuse spots of previous playthroughs

The full changelog is available here:

Adding events with content made by you is a fun pastime for me, like the Valentine's Day greeting cards you wrote for me and which already got part of the game. I will continue to make such events and in the final version of Orcish Inn, they will be a fun surprise if one plays Orcish Inn around Valentine's Day, Easter and so on. For Easter, we get even more traditional: you are happily invited to paint some eggs which can be then found in Orcish Inn. The graphic template and more information is available at the following website. Just download the image file, paint it with whatever painting program you have and send it to me. Crazy color combinations? A fun motive? More information:

After the first animals you voted for got implemented (pigeons), the second game feature voting (sheep versus goats) ended with sheep getting part of a future update! 65% of the people voted for sheep. The next game feature vote is about GENTLE YAKS versus WILD BOARS and open for your votes. Both are animals you have to care about. Yaks will give milk, wool, fur and more and can be used as pack animal for exploration tours, one of the main features planned for Orcish Inn. They also love cold weather and are therefore the best fit for doing some work during winter. Boars in contrast can dig for mushrooms and other treasures, even if you make exploration tours with them. They also increase your plants' quality by stamping the seeds into the ground. Let me know in the comments, via mail or Twitter what your favorite choice is. More information is available at:

The coming week I will dedicate to some re-evaluation of features and mechanics I want to implement (time gets a nasty bastard). There is also a proper roadmap I owe you. Besides that, I'm also working on the wiki content so there is enough information on the wiki's launch. Finally, there is a new marketing log I want to write. It's a long time since the last one and therefore there is some interesting data to talk about.

If you have ideas, found bugs or overall hints for improving Orcish Inn, head to the Orcish Inn Steam forums, submit your problem through the issue tracker or write me a message on Twitter!

(the new book interface and recipe management feature)

(you can create cooking recipes, too)

(the small sign in front of the inn is new and can be placed and edited by you)

Steven Colling


This game looks great Steven! Really well done stuff here!

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StevenColling Author

Thank you for the kind words!

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Good list of changes. The game's coming together really well.

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