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The new version (0.0.5) of the Orcish Inn pre-alpha is available now.

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The new version (0.0.5) of the Orcish Inn pre-alpha is available now. If you already played Orcish Inn, you can just start the launcher. If not, you can download the launcher from the official website:

I mainly focused on the feedback you gave me. The highlights (but far not all the changes) are:

  • A new area to build the inn you dreamed of
  • Replaced the starting inn so it's better to extent and also added more chairs
  • Reworked total exhaustion: instead of getting money stolen, you are getting sick... you have to wait until it's over or buy medicine from the hawker
  • Combined pipes which transport materials and products alike
  • Beer buffs: drink a beer with flavor to power up your orc
  • It's harder to raise high quality crops and crop quality of a fully grown plant decays over time
  • Hold CTRL to transfer 100 items at once
  • Balanced satiation/stamina consumed through work and made it easier to get a high comfort of a room
  • Fishing is more interactive (fishes leave particle trails)
  • Many GUI improvements/fixes like particles on plants which are ready for harvest, notifications and highlighting of missing resources respective a production etc.

The full changelog is available in the Orcish Inn wiki:

As always, your opinion is appreciated. Feel free to comment here on the announcement or using one of the following channels:

Here some screenshots relating the new update:

(The starting area was changed so you can actually extent your inn if new visitors start to come)

(There is also a new area for building your houses and plant your crops)

(Fishing is more engaging now, as fishes leave particle trails here and there)

Steven Colling


Any performance improvements? T.T

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StevenColling Author

No, sorry... no performance improvements yet ;(

(if you want, you could send me your processor/ram/graphics card details via private message, so I'm getting an image of it)

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