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Hello everyone! I start fix the bug in my mod, but I need more time, that the update will be done, until then I thought, I would give some advice to the game.

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Hello everyone!

I start fix the bug in my mod, but I need more time, that the update will be done, until then I thought, I would give you some advice to the game. (you can download it, here:

  • The mod have a hidden opcion. You can click camp menu –> diplomacy & Tocan’s Calradia preferences –> PBOD Mod Preferences –> and you can configure, that the enemy AI uses Formations Battle AI (a little more formation use as the native AI) and Enable AI to use Special Orders (for example: the enemy Ai try strike only the player's archers with the horsemen.)
  • "What wonder that a certain person, being asked what were the things necessary for war, should reply that there were three, to wit, money, money and money." ( R.Montecucculi) - The player can be making lots of money, if lead captive the enemy and the plyer takes the prisoners to salt mine. the salt mine gives 10 denar/ prison every week. 10 denar is not to much, but if you are skillful, you can collect 200-300 captive, after then you can pay weekly budget of big army (with lot of elit fighters).
  • Every kingdom got strong royal guardsman.The guardsmen are more expensive as the nomal elit soldiers but very strong.These fighters have not upgrade path, they have not troop tree. The factions can recruit these warriors and they do not need upgrade for a long time The player cant recruit Royal guardsman, but player can release prisoners from bandit. Many bandits have royal guardsman prisoners, you defeat the badits and you can collect big elit army. Zaira (badit hero) usually has most prisoners, but also one of the strongest armies.

  • In tavern are heroes skillful (enginner, healer, pathfinder, ambassador with 10 skill) search everyone and your army will be effective.
  • If you haven't castle or town yet in game, then you can build outpost( camp --> take an action --> construct an outpost), where your warriors can be stationed at outpost. the adveced outpost have market too.
  • You can build school in your village and a school increases the loyalty of the villagers to you by +1 every week instead every month. (more recruit or better fighter immediately, prosperity)
  • tournament win changes [increased bet amount,xp win + relation win] - great risk, lot of money.
  • you can configure the dark knight invasion. You can click camp menu –> diplomacy & Tocan's Calradia preferences –> Set when the dark knights invasion begins and you see that:


  • In diplomacy & Tocan's Calradia preferences can you configure many option too.

Good fighting!

MaxPric - - 10 comments

Hello mate, can you tell me what is the name of the music when i open the mod?
Please i really like it.

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