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I'm using this as a diary for my inevitable descent into insanity or oblivion.... enjoy :)

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Okay this coming wednesday, I will hopefully get some actual work done on this MOD.... I have been hindered by my computer being trapped in another castle and my attention else where on family issues.

But. . . . YES ! ! ! Hopefully come 18:00 GMT this Wednesday on the 11th of December 2019 I will have commenced Operation Shit Creek.

What is Operation Shit Creek ? ? ?

It is my master plan, my new northern star.

I plan on creating a small but potent level that will introduce you and anyone else interested in playing my MOD to the MOD some of t's characters and extra bonuses...hopefully.

Think of it as a free to play demo like it's 1998 again.... wooohoooo ! ! !

I'm tired, it's 01:55, I've just recently been through a two week flu/fever, and this will probably only get 4 views in the next 22 years. . . . so I and Mr Beam shall bid you adieu fellow traveler, stalker and or lone wanderer.

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