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Three years in the making, Operation Serpent First Encounter is now ready to play. This new mod for the ECWolf source port features numerous advanced editing features, a bold new setting set in Latin America in the 1980s, an all-new heavy metal soundtrack, and by far the largest levels ever made for Wolfenstein 3D!

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Three years in the making, my magnum opus is done!

My ninth Wolfenstein mod and fourth ECWolf mod, Operation Serpent is set in the year 1989, in the fictional central American country of San Salvación, just to the south of Mexico's Yucatán peninsula. A breakaway state from Mexico, San Salvación has been gripped by civil war and ethnic conflict since the 1950s. Frequently changing alignment between the Western and Eastern Blocs, and riven by tensions between the white "creole" elite and the mestizo and Native American majority, San Salvación is one of the most unstable and dangerous places on earth.

In 1988, San Salvacion fell into the hands of the fascist, white supremacist National Liberation Party, who have begun a campaign of genocide against their opponents. If that wasn't bad enough, rumor has it that thousands of dissidents, Communists, and "ethnic undesirables" have been delivered to the escaped Nazi war criminal Dr. Joachim Mörder, a biologist who experimented on prisoners in the Chelmno extermination camp in 1944. These prisoners have supposedly been used for genetic experiments that have turned some of them into super-soldiers and hideous monsters, stripped of their free will and mindlessly obedient of the fascist Salvaciano government.

You are Maria Cortez, a Mexican-American spy sent in by the pan-American anti-fascist organization AAM to gather intelligence on the experiments taking place within the borders of San Salvación and, if possible, shut them down. The Black Hawk helicopter that took you into San Salvación has been shot down and you barely escaped with your life. Armed with nothing more than a knife and a Glock 17 pistol, you find yourself stranded in a hostile country, on the run from the Salvaciano army.

Operation Serpent is by far my most advanced and radical mod yet, featuring enormous levels and a host of ECWolf features never seen before, and a unique aesthetic inspired by the art and culture of the late 1980s, including an original '80s metal soundtrack composed by Bashe and Shane Strife and performed on real guitars. A hand-edited COLORMAP with gradient sky effects and fullbright colors, an all-new roster of enemies and weapons, and Doom-style weapon bobbing and hitscan attacks make Operation Serpent look and play like no other Wolfenstein mod. Though it has only eight levels, each of these levels is four to six times the length of a standard Wolfenstein level. A new player should take 6-8 hours to complete Operation Serpent.

Requires Wolfenstein 3D v1.4 and a recent dev build of ECWolf to play. AMD Phenom II CPU or better required for adequate performance (Intel Core i3 recommended) on the later maps.

Title screen




Operation Serpent First Encounter v0.99

An optional music pack is available that replaces the lossy opus music with high-quality FLAC renditions. Click here to download.

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What I need to play the game. Step by step please

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