Operation Serpent is a total conversion for Wolfenstein 3D using the ECWolf source port. Set in a fictional Central American country in the 1980s, Operation Serpent resembles no Wolfenstein mod ever made before or since. Operation Serpent is a tour de force of ECWolf's capabilities, with seven enormous levels (180x180 tiles, or over a quarter mile on a side!), seven weapons, a huge cast of over 13 human and nonhuman enemies, environmental hazards, switch puzzles, and features never before seen in a Wolfenstein mod. These are no ordinary Wolf3D maps--each is an adventure with an overarching concept and location, distinct from every other map. Operation Serpent also features an all-original heavy metal soundtrack performed by guitar wizard Shane Strife and composed by him and diehard metalhead Bashe, written in the style of '80s speed metal giants like Grave Digger, Forbidden, and Metal Church.


Operation Serpent First Encounter. Contains 7 levels + 1 secret level, for 6-8 hours of gameplay. Requires ECWolf 1.3.2 or later (recent development build recommended) and an AMD Phenom II or better processor (Intel Core i3 recommended). Updated 1/17: Fixed an incorrect sprite for the chandelier.

Operation Serpent First Encounter v0.99.1
JohnnyTheWolf - - 1,061 comments

Any plan for v1.00? I noticed a few minor bugs, e.g. treasure hidden inside a wall in level 3.

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JohnnyTheWolf - - 1,061 comments

Also, I have made the mistake of exiting the secret level with the Super Shotgun: somehow, that made me lose all the other weapons, but if I pick any weapon, I lose the Super Shotgun. :S

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Alicrejo - - 2 comments

I downloaded the game but I don´t know how to run it. Please help me!

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QuakedoomNukem - - 16 comments

I have found a bug: Pistol has an alt-fire, which is as same as primary fire, but it takes away no ammo at all.

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Guest - - 696,233 comments

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fearfearghail - - 15 comments

I place the PK3 file into EC wolf and I'm greeted with EC wolf console command saying an error occurred and to press enter so when I do, it just closes. Is there something wrong? I have ECwolf version 1.3.9999

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