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Development for the V1.1 update for Operation Remembrance is now in its second week. Here's a look at the features scheduled for release with this new version.

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Hey, everyone, I'm back! I took a nice long break from working on Operation Remembrance and got back to developing it less than two weeks ago. I don't have a projected release date for V1.1 yet, because I have no idea how long it's going to take. There are a lot of in-depth features I want to change that will probably take a long time to do.

Even though I can't give an estimate of how long it's going to take, here's a list of features that are planned to come with V1.1:

-Fixes for certain handweapon/small arms animations that currently sometimes cause iron sights on some weapons to not line up correctly.

-Three new aircraft from the Eve of Destruction mod: the A-4 Skyhawk, F-5 Freedom Fighter, and F-105 Thunderchief.

-Completely revised fixed-wing aircraft weapon loadouts. Missile and bomb models are now to the correct scale and aircraft carry realistic amounts of missiles and bombs based on information on what types of weapons a given type of aircraft could carry and maximum amounts based on weight.

-New vehicles from Eve of Destruction, as well as improved versions of existing vehicle models:

C-130 Hercules



SA-2 Guideline

Cadillac Gage V-100 Commando


-A new Sampan model fitted with a DShK machine gun. Bots can actually use it!

-A COMPLETELY revised vehicle armor system. Weapons will now do an appropriate amount of damage based on their explosive content and armor penetration capabilities, and vehicle armor will provide the proper level of protection. This means that some vehicles will become much more vulnerable (for example, the BTR-60 and the sides of the M8 Greyhound will be immune to .30 caliber weapons fire but vulnerable to .50 caliber fire), while others will become stronger against certain weapons (the Greyhound's 37mm gun will no longer be able to penetrate the front or sides of the T-54, and so on).

-The revised armor system will also apply to anti-aircraft weapons and aircraft. While the different aircraft weapon loadouts will make aircraft more powerful in general, they will also be more vulnerable to anti-aircraft weapons and other ground fire.

-At least twenty-five new maps.

-Modifications to existing maps to add in the new vehicles.

-Fixes for the AI on some existing maps to improve their performance and use of strategy.

-A few general bug fixes.

-Some revisions to the ammunition system to adjust balancing issues. Aircraft will take longer to take on more ammunition from supply sources, and heavy vehicles like tanks will no longer receive main gun ammunition from ordinary infantry ammunition boxes. There also might be some changes to how infantry get access to certain types of ammunition; ammunition for rocket launchers might no longer be available at regular ammunition boxes, requiring these weapons to be restocked at a less common supply source and reducing player rocket spamming.


A Viet Cong Sampan with a mounted DShK moves through the Mekong Delta during Operation Game Warden.


An A-4E Skyhawk carrying two Walleye guided glide bombs flies over the perimeter of Khe Sanh Combat Base.


been playing this a lot recently, love every bit of the mod guys!

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ARVNRanger Author

Thank you so much!

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Here are some links that might interest you if you want to convert some maps into your mod :

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