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An Operation Market Garden Halloween/Monthly status update. A lot of work was done in the month of October, but there's still a lot left to do in November. Check out some of our October accomplishments in this news post.

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Thought I'd pop in with an Operation Market Garden Halloween/Monthly status update before I fell into a diabetic shock from the sweets. In case you're wondering what Operation Market Garden is check out our extensive wiki or recently updated postings on ModDB, Relic News, and Game Replays.

The month of October has been a busy one for us. An obscene amount of artwork, both in-game and out, was created for the modification. The OMG:Wiki's main page, achievements, doctrines, Steam group icon, and default loading screen were updated with the help of our artist Lisek's awesome artwork.

In addition to the artwork, other parts of the Wiki were extensively renovated including the upgrade prices and maps section. FatalSaint even saved me from a few gray hairs by updating shoutcast articles with the latest episodes including his own, Frontline Fatalities. He also made the trailer you can see at the top of this posting.

Early in the month we had a number of balance updates to the modification based on responses from our community and balance team. Since then Khorney, one of our coders, began implementing and testing some new units for the British and Panzer Elite. From their alpha implementation he's been making fixes, creating new skins & icons for the units, and the testers(balance team) have given a fair amount of feedback. Doctrine layout was displayed by our head designer, Slowpoke, in a news posting
on our website. Additionally, another one of our coders, Marcus, has been working on implementing the first tier of OMG doctrines. Look for further information on these projects in the coming weeks.

That should be about it for the OMG October status update. Stay tuned in the month of November for the fancy feast of features foreshadowed here.


Zomg awesome trailer!

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