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Workshop woes are never-ending, but so is the awesomeness of GREEN ARMY MEN MOD

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And we're back - for the third time now?!

A new update is now out on the Steam Workshop - as a new item. Oh woe is me....

Changed include :
-Massive map balance pass - focusin on A Ditch Too Far and Beach Party
-Blue soldiers now speak australian!
-Weapon changes


Check out the update HERE :
Check out nymets' new map, Pool Party, HERE :

Uninstallation guide for the old version (make sure to clean up to avoid issues)

1 - <- Make sure to unsubscribe from the old Workshop entries. Although it is now hidden, it can still be found in this menu. Locate it and click on Unsubscribe.

2 -
Documents\My Games\Rising Storm 2\ROGame\cache\1277607466
Documents\My Games\Rising Storm 2\ROGame\cache\1133866021

<- Delete the cache files for the OLD workshop entry . The string of numbers you see is the Page ID for the old entry.


3 - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\418460 <- This is where the cache files are moved to. Delete any mentions of GreenMenMod from this folder.

4 - Verify your RS2:Vietnam files on Steam

5 - Subscribe to the new workshop entry ->

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