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We are now one week into Beta testing of Ghostly Horizon.

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Hello everyone!
We are one week into our beta period and we just want to start this update by saying thank you to everyone that has tried the game and given us feedback. We really like receiving your feedback and ideas about the game because that will make the game so much better. So please continue with this.

If you have not tried the game yet, please feel free to join our Discord server where you will find the ”Beta_Keys”-channel which is the place to get your Beta Key.

Discord Server:

The official servers are live Friday-Sunday. As usual you are able to play Singleplayer at any time, and of course start your own server whenever you feel like playing with some friends.

Progress since last week
- Difficulty never overlap, during gameplay the difficulty will slowly raise, but will never go over the next tier. Easy will slowly go up to the Normal starting-point but never over.

- Changed from 3 to 8 different difficulties

- Balanced out the different difficulties in a number or ways, need feedback on Singleplayer and Co-op.

- Balanced spells that deal instant impact damage in an AoE. Reduced the AoE range for them to not be OP to cast just beside a shield and damage the player behind the shield easily.

- Doubled the time that Shields stay Active

- Added Energy Mist in Void element. Cost Stamina to cast and you gain Energy from it.

- Fixed a bug that used as much CPU for hidden AI as for AIs shown to the player. Hidden AIs now get deactivated and will never use movement calculations until they get shown again. (AIs are hidden and are not synced when out of reach from the player.)

- Fixed a bunch of floating rocks as well as implemented a system that puts the player back on the ground if the player manages to clip through the ground.

- Lots of bugfixes around AIs

To see the complete full developers log, please log into our Discord server and navigate to the ”news”-channel.

To end this weeks update we would like to share below video from Ring Out Gaming where they test out the game. Here you can get a feel for what the game is currently like, but why stop there? Join the fun that is Ghostly Horizon now by signing up via our discord server!

Best regards,

Ghostly Horizon Team

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