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Some insight for the future of the mod. More beta testers will be needed.

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A number of people have asked me about the future of this mod and of any future projects. A number of people have pointed out areas I could improve on. I thought I'd share with you my plans:

Walkthrough Videos

I see it in the comments: "How do you beat this part?" "How do you get past the other thing?" "thii2 ii2 ab2olutely poiintle22 why ii2 chamber 29 2o hard?" The solution is a series of walkthrough videos. I already have quite a few of them done. The main problem is uploading them to Youtube. I'll try to upload at least one each night for a while. If you check the mod's Youtube channel, you'll see the walkthrough for chamber 20 already up there. Coming up next in the queue are 29, 30, the escape levels, then 22-28 in no particular order. From what I've seen, nobody's had any serious trouble before chamber 20, so I'll hold off on videos for the earlier ones. Advanced chamber walkthroughs are something I'll probably hold off on until after...

One Point One

On a more distant note, I'll be releasing an update to add quite a bit more content. I haven't got much of an idea for a release date, but the absolute promise I make to you now is still "Before Portal 2". What will I be changing, you might ask?

  • Fixing a few bugs and lighting issues
  • A brand new extremely long chamber to go in place of the nonexistent Chamber 21. This chamber will not appear in the "normal" storyline, but will instead be added as a bonus map. If you take a look at the way all the hallways and elevators in chambers 20 and 22 match up, you'll probably get a feel for just how massive this thing will be. Completing Chamber 20 will unlock 21,and I'm trying to keep the difficulty curve in its proper place. Speaking of which,
  • A more sane version of 29Chamber 29 "Sickening" will be replaced with something similar but significantly less fustrating. The current version of the chamber will remain in the mod untouched as "29 Advanced". This is already done, but needs testing. So, if anybody was frustrated by the old version of 29 and wants to try something simpler, please contact me. The first people to respond can beta test it this week.
  • A feature is coming soon on the metamorphosis of 29.
  • Advanced Challenges (For people who have something to prove, and also so that people can still try to compete over the current 29 / new 29a)
  • At least one new advanced chamber (Probably 12, 17, 18, and/or 25). More will come depending on what release date I pick. I might also choose to add these even later.
  • Other than #29, no layout will be changed and the solutions will all remain the same. I was moderately reserved about changing even this, but felt it somewhat necessary. If you hated that chamber, you know what I'm talking about. If you liked it, then you probably also did/would like the advanced chambers, and the chamber you liked is now one of them.
zonbie - - 1,299 comments

I have to say that this mod has some of the coolest, most difficult puzzles around. They aren't frustrating but they are extremely tough for feeble minds. I loved them. You ought to come up with a few more advanced chambers, and perhaps some chambers that fully took advantage of the electricity and explosion mechanics you introduced in the BTS areas. What if there was an Exploding Dynamite Cube?

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Gamma_Energy Author
Gamma_Energy - - 49 comments

Funny you should mention that. Along with what I called the "physcleanser" which will be introduced in Chamber 21, exploding cubes were a very early part of the mod. I removed them because I couldn't get them to work right, but I know a little more about modeling now. The exploding dynamite cube gets particularly interesting when you add turrets to the mix. I'm not so sure about electricity though. It's been done enough by Prelude and TFV.

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simonli2575 - - 47 comments

Need a walkthrough on chamber 12

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simonli2575 - - 47 comments

OK, maybe no

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