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In this article we will be talking about the beginning of the mod. Now we`re making a prisoner part and there is some story and location screenshots.

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Hello, guys! I`m so sorry I cant spend all my time on working on this mod.

Though, there is definitely somehing new I want to show you.
We`ve decided to make 5 or more different starts for our mod to make a better roleplay and give a better sence of adventure. One of these beginnings is the start as a prisoner. Lets talk about it more in-depth.

Lore: You start in the cage of a large prison ship. Once it was an Emperor`s personal vessel, but he had decided to make a prison from it due to the crime activity in the Empire. Only the most dangerous criminals are being held at this place. The ship itself never stops in a port, so there is no hope for a prisoner to escape it.
At the moment you`re starting game, there is no wind and the ship stands still. After you go for a walk in the deck, you see an island far away and decide that now it`s time to escape...

2016 01 01 00001

Alright, lets talk about some features of this beginning:
- You start as a prisoner and you are not going to escape easily, you`ll have to think, and think a lot to get out of the place you`re being held
- Different ways to escape the ship. Would you prefer finding a lockpick and sneak your way through or start the riot and escape during the fight? Or maybe you would like to get into the crew`s trust? Absolute freedom of prison :D
- Many different characters on board. Each man would have a personality and his own history.
- Forced player`s movement. You`ll have to move to locations, e.g. deck or prison cell at the timetable, because you are the prisoner!

Here are some screenshots of the location. Enjoy!

2016 01 01 00002

2016 01 01 00003

2016 01 01 00004

Guest - - 696,323 comments

This is a fantastic idea :D

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Secret_Coming - - 1,057 comments

lol yeah I would love to play this mod

a question to the devs: it's a separate campaign from skyrim (like that mod a different start) or there's the same locations but new maps and stuff to it (like the skyrim dlc's) ?

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XMercury Author
XMercury - - 38 comments

sorry for such a late answer
it will be a different start, because its almost impossible to make Dovakhin a horror hero :D
And the game balance becomes much easier too

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Secret_Coming - - 1,057 comments

thanks for the response but I mean will you stil use the skyrim map in addition to the mods content aswell?

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XMercury Author
XMercury - - 38 comments

The lore is separate from Skyrim`s, so its definitely not connected to the Skyrim map

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Fairfax - - 1 comments

So I get to start in a prison in an elder scrolls mod.

Nice to see that some traditions dont die.

Also this mod looks cool, will be following it.

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