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Hello peeps, this is an article on the features and plans for v1.2

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As you know Improvement Mod needs some help, balancing that is! Many things need to be improved for the future of the mod, anything that seems overpowered or off just comment below.

As many should know I have talked about v1.2, but due to errors, I had to put all of the major planned features forward, as I had to squash problems, errors, general fixes and small additions for v1.12, especially that problem with the "Initialization Errors" because of that crappy aomxmod/aomzmod.

So what's planned?:

  • Full addition of Mercenaries: I planned that you could train different units depending on the map, this is partially implemented, many planned mercs were in v1.1, v1.12 and v1.12.
  • Small Overhaul of Godpowers, they will require the use of favor (like in the beta) for example:

Archaic GPS: 10 favor

Classical GPS: 25 favor

Heroic GPS: 50 Favor

Mythic GPS: 100 Favor

This is used as a balance system, many GPs can be distressing, it also encourages the Favor gathering, as some to many greek players will ignore favor gathering due to being pestered by enemies who prioritise 100% of their villagers on Gold, Food and Wood.

  • Campaigns will be changed: Disable certain technologies, edit maps to be more fitting for the scenarios after, many campaign scenarios don't fit will with their map style, i.e troy having 4 different looking sides.
  • Hypikkonestes will be nerfed, Contarius will be buffed up, and all Trash Archaic Infantry will no longer cost wood (except Javelineers)
  • Addition of mod content to RMS maps (Gaia Units like Rams)
  • Atlantean gods made more viable, i.e heroes who regenerate for Kronos, Cheap Heroes for Gaia etc
  • Improved Walls, and Torch Throwers for all Cultures
  • Improved Stoa: It will be able to train villagers, slaves and architects, and research normal TC techs.
  • New Technology: Cavalry Tactics, allows heavy cavalry to do trample damage, merged with the Armored Tusks and Fomation upgrades.
  • Improvement of Architects, making them better at fighting, and no pop (since they are a most useless unit otherwise)
  • Pedagogues and Clubman Merged, i.e Pedagogues will now be like Greek Auxiliary Trash good vs Archers and Buildings.

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Falconry will now give flying units more health and attack(10%) and + 2 los, falcon scouts and vulture scouts have been nerfed and are available as soon as age 2 is advanced (depending, the vulture is still eggy exclusive, and falcon for norse greek and atty etc)

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