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These are the current changes done so far with the USA faction and their vehicles, as well as changes soon to be done.

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These are the current changes done so far with the USA faction and their vehicles, as well as changes soon to be done. Keep in mind all changes have only been applied to the USA faction at this current time.

- All units have an increased price. Vehicle costs more specifically have been dramatically increased to have the game more based on infantry warfare and no longer give the ability to tank horde, etc. (Look at Images "Unit Prices Changes" for more specifics)

Unit Price Changes (USA)

- Price for defensive buildings increased. In order to eliminate the possibility of making a base an "impenetrable fortress", have been increased to balance out between vehicles and defenses. (Look at Images "Defensive Building Price Changes" for more specifics)

Defensive Building Price Changes (USA)

- Complete Removal of any and all units/upgrades in the USA faction that are too unrealistic and/or futuristic. Examples of units/upgrades are: Paladin Tank, Laser Avenger, Microwave Tank, Aurora Bomber, Sentry Drone Gun Upgrade, Battle Drone, Hellfire Drone and Scout Drone. Tomahawk currently kept for balancing reasons between long range units and defensive buildings.

Removal of Units (USA)

- All units and defensive buildings have increased attack range. More specifically, the Crusader tank's attack range has been doubled (and may be even further increased in the future), however, is vision/fog of war clearing range is very short. This will increase the use of infantry and scout units (Humvee and sentry drone), which have better visual range, depending on which unit is in use.

- All units and defensive buildings have edited attack speeds/delay between shots. To simulated reloads, specific units like tanks and missile defenders has much slower delay between shots. Also, projectiles from missile defenders and tank have increased damage, but their accuracy vs infantry is not very good, rarely able to hit them.

- Transport units have edited transport slots. Chinooks have been increased to 10 transport slots and Humvees now only have 3. Also, units can no longer give additional fire when transporting inside a Humvee.

- All ground vehicles now take up 6 transport slots in Chinooks. This is to give the realism that a Chinook can only carry 1 single vehicle at a time.

- Raptors and Patriot Missile defenses now fire a single powerful missile at a time. Once again, this is for realism purposes.

- Aircraft, besides cargo planes normally die from 1-2 shots from a Patriot defense or Missile Defender. Once again, for realism.

- All units and weapons in the game now have accuracy problems. Depending on whether an enemy target is actually hit, kill rates (how fast units kills others) for all units are now completely random.

- General Powers have been edited. In the meantime, the Paladin Tank has been removed and the Pathfinder is now a 1-Star power purchase.

Changes that are soon to be made for the mod are:
- Further edits and tweaks on unit/weapon stats for balancing reasons.
- Possible removal of buildings, including Superweapons, and more units.
- Removal of more upgrades deemed too futuristic and/or unrealistic.
- Addition of one or two more infantry units to USA faction.
- Additional edits to General Powers. Plans include to change point system to create decision making between powers essential based on what you need at the moment in a game and actually winning a battle.
- New maps. Maps will be stripped of supply stashes, and instead they will consist of several oil derricks and tech buildings scattered throughout the map. This will remain until a new money making system is created, which won't come until much later.


To give infantry a more important role there should be a lot of infantry types like (Machine gunners,engineers,officers...)

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