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OK, stalkers: the new Oblivion Lost 2009 & 2010 download links are ready and guaranteed for two years.

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Dear stalkers,
as you could see,

Oblivion Lost 2009 & 2010 Mod Packs

dowload links

are on-line again!

You will be able to download a single .7zip archive containing a .txt file with all needed stuff in it!

I wanna say that, FOR THE MOMENT, I won't delete "Oblivion Lost 2010 + More" download, but - if you encounter issues with it -

I won't support you*!

*The support will only cover Oblivion Lost 2009 and Oblivion Lost 2010.

I, also, want to say that

Oblivion Lost 2012 Mod Pack

project will continue normally, but there won't be any closed beta release: you'll have to wait for it till its final release (end of 2013).

Happy hunting!



I am still confused as to why there are no new or (more) weapons. I am so tired of Vanilla weapons.

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Kyuzo84 Author

@Spetsnaz_Reaper: ... wht!!?? ... OL10 has got lots of new weapons...

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I just downloaded 8 parts of the mod, but unfortunately part9 is dead :

I'm getting this error message from rapidshare every time I try to download part 9: "ERROR: Share invalid. (735d42ea)" I've already google it, and I couldn't find anything about it, can someone please re-upload part9? I'd be very grateful!

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So, I'm curious (and a couple years late): Why not at least update the downloads page to point to this? I've made it past the Radar brain scorcher disappointed that the mod pack seemed to just be OL2.2 with some fancy shaders I had to disable because this toaster of a laptop can only handle static lighting, only to now find out the downloads page doesn't even have the right version of the mod available.

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