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This mod will be on hiatus until further notice. I will not let it die, though!

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When I get stressed my productivity drops lower and lower and lower until I sit in front of the screen for hours getting nothing done and start boiling over. That's just the way I am, unfortunately.

Wait, does this mean the mod is going to die? No. I am just taking a break until later. Hopefully before the end of the year I will finish.

A little backstory for you: I have worked on dozens of projects. Yes, literally dozens, but only ONE of my major projects has ever been completed. The rest of them have just been buried in the junk pile of creative history. I am sick of it and determined to change it. This isn't because I am lazy, or incapable of learning. I think my ideas are actually pretty good! But sadly I've been given a lot of problems in the health department and have to work with those. Why is it that after playing about 80 Source mods that I can't just suddenly get the ability to work fast and very well? Instead my quality just seems to drop.

I just have to take a break. Until Valve gets their act together with this SDK and SteamPipe crap (and I learn to calm down) there isn't going to be anything done. (Also, it would be nice if there was better documentation on the Valve wiki about how stuff works. Despite their extensive list of bugs they seem to be missing many more.)

What if I come back to find that I can't finish it? Well I would rather release it 2/3 finished than not at all. I have seen a lot of mods on this site die and know how frustrating it is.

Leon, and others, if you want to talk about mapping with me, and maybe some troubleshooting, then feel free to PM me and I'll respond when I have the chance. But I'll just keep myself out of Hammer for the time being.

You have no idea how much I hate to have to do this.

I'm sorry everyone. I will see you again soon.

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what a shame, although i do understand it. nothing so frustrating as Valve releasing updates every 1,5 year or so that corrupts or even destroyes your hard labor and efforts.

the last 5 days or so were also a hell to me, but i don't give up, (can't also because my mod is done for 98% after 3 years of hard work). and i know from previous valve updates that it takes a week or 2 or a bit more, but then it works again. most of times not because valve fixes it but because the community did come with a way around it.

just take your time, get some rest for some days, weeks or even months, and just go on when you feel like it. and that day will come!
just do burn all your mod assets to a dvd, or upload it some were save. because something can happen to your computer and then you loose your mod still. i don't feel the need right now to pm you because you say you stop for now. but should you have questions then just pm or mail me.

much success,
also with your health!

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Thanks. I'm just switching over work to one of my other abandoned projects for now. Rest is probably what I need the most.

And I do have my mod backed up in many placed. A bad computer crashed years back and I learned to keep my data safe since then.

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