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After a one month long break development is back in full swing!

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Well hai there folks, long time no blog!
As i'm sure you noticed I took a looong break throughout January. I didn't really want to do this, but I had to for numerous reasons. The main reason being that I was getting bored with the whole thing, so a break was a good idea. Second was the pile of exams and coursework deadlines through January. The 2nd reason should be more important, but i'm good at getting away with not doing much in those respects :P

Anyhoo, i'm getting back into the flow of it again. After using the very handy tool VMF Fixer to repair Map 02 (which is undergoing a slight to major redesign) i'm all ready to get to work. I've gotten the first lot of speech from Vance Elderkin, the voice of The Escapist and am working on getting these added to scene files to be put into the game.

I also got my new PC this week, which has taken an extremely long time to save for. I can finally take screenshots and videos properly, on full settings (except for vertical sync. As far as i can tell, it does nothing but reduce my framerate from 200 to 60).

Expect new stuff soon folks,

EDIT: AAAAAAARG! I take back what I said about VMF Fixer, it just decided to kill a load of my Input/Output systems... D: Map 2 is becoming so much trouble xD Might end up being forced to re-do it all, which would be no bad thing, its a bit too cluttered now.

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Nice to know! Cannot wait until this is done!

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exams and coursework... x(

Can't wait either x)

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