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OK, after making myself look like an idiot for several years now, I've finally figured it out for myself.

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For everyone laughing at me for it taking so long:

I did ask several people, and didn't really get any answers at all. Mainly due to either people being unwilling to assist, or just unable to assist. I was asking mostly coders rather than artists, but the few artists I was able to ask refused to assist. Never mind, it only took me a few years to figure out, but I finally did.

If you're one of those I asked who wasn't able to assist, I thank you for replying to me at least and all's good. The next bit doesn't apply to you.

If you're one of those I asked for help, who had the power and refused to assist, this message does apply:
Had you have assisted me in knowing how to use the tools, you'd have received special credit and my MOD would have been properly released long ago. Also, you would have had permission to use any assets I produced. However, for not assisting me when you could, you are not allowed to use any future assets I produce.

Everyone else,
My assets will be available individually once they are built, and you may freely use them (so long as you're not specifically exempt).

What this means for my MOD now:

I'm going to reset the proper Release Date, but still release a taster demo on the 25th. The taster demo may lack a few things, but while things may start off slow, more assets will start piling in thick and fast. The taster demo will be mostly placeholders rather than permanent assets. The CCS Faction will be completely rebuilt on the new assets with only a few externally imported assets remaining.

New Asset Design:

As I stated, my Assets will be freely available for others to use. Mainly as me returning the favour of other peoples generosity, and there's a shortlist of people who will even be able to make requests. This shortlist contains Tiberium Essence MOD, The Forgotten MOD, and a few other individual people including Sarge_Rho and GeneralJist. The list is a little longer than that, but they're the main ones.

The new Asset Design means that items will contain multiple meshes rather than being a combined thing. This makes items modular, for easy swap-outs and code editing. It also means that Textures can be edited for singular sections and it makes animation a lot easier too.

If you have an Asset Request:

Once I've replaced the placeholder in my MOD, then I'll be able to process requests for things. People may not think it yet, but I've got plans for my MOD, and I'm willing to return the favour for helping anyone with theirs. Those on the Shortlist, you can still ask me prior to me replacing all of the placeholders, so feel free to contact me if you want.

Oh, and the issue I was having, for those who haven't got a clue:

I was having issue with getting my 3DSMax 9 to work properly, then when I finally fixed that issue, I found myself without any clue on how to use it properly. So, this took me several years to figure out, thanks to a few bits of guidance from the coders of various MOD's. Without that guidance, I'd most likely still be lost and clueless.

I'm a visual learner, so this didn't help.
However, now that mine is working, and now that I know how to use it properly, I'm going to release a few Videos soon. Showing the process in a Video is more helpful to those who, like me, learn by seeing it done rather than just reading it off a page buried in some forum that only has a few minor useful posts among loads of questions without answers. I find myself overwhelmed by Forum posts, especially when these are not strait forward and/or are 500 words or more.

Anyway, the point is, thank you to those who've been supporting me and assisting me. Time for me to repay the favour.


OK, maybe I spoke slightly too soon, but only because I'm still learning OK.

Scratch that, sorted it.

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