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This patch solves the problems caused by Episode One's upgrade from Source 2006 to 2009 (yes, we know it's 2011 now).

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The following are fixed:

  • Infinite AI loop crash in Carcinogenesis
  • UnlitTwoTexture materials being invisible (most custom models), or drawn partly black (waves)
  • Dropships getting stuck, and dropships being audible when they shouldn't be
  • Episodic flashlight and ammo HUD icons not appearing
  • Useless "Achievements" and "Developer Commentary" items appearing in main menu

There are also some improvements:

  • Remastered several special effects in the Orange Box particle system
  • Toned down brightness of HDR skybox, halved its memory footprint, and smoothed the horizon
  • Decreased brightness of HDR reflections on Combine metals
  • High-res menu backgrounds, plus the widescreen image is now 16:9 instead of 16:10
  • Updated nodegraphs and sound manifests for quicker first time load
  • Fixed a couple of console warnings about $abovewater
  • Fixed a weapon-carrying exploit in Depth Charge
  • Nicer desktop/Steam icons

*If you have saved games on Carcinogenesis/Depth Charge, you will need to restart from that map!*

To install this patch, install Metastasis then unzip the patch archive to your SourceMods folder. If you've
installed the alternative "Fix for May-2010 update", you'll need to delete the Metastasis folder
and do a fresh install.


Thank you kind sir

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The first dropship in Depth charge doubles back for no reason and then gets stuck with the second. Is there any possible way to fix this?

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Varsity Author

I have never seen that happen in this build, nor has anyone else reported it. Can you reproduce the problem?

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Hmm, it seems I can't as I reapplied the patch when it happened the first time. I probably deleted something I shouldn't have.

However the Stalker weapon leaving the laser "burn" effect still happens.

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INtense! Staff

is this patch better than the other unofficial one? if so i'll replace it on desura - pm me if it is.

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Problem with patch, Crash with looping sound

FRESH install of Metastasis
CRC32 FCDA2579

Patched with 2.64mb patch:
CRC32 E8FA700E

Problem: Crash with looping sound
Map: metastasis_2
After hitting switch that swings I-beams back and forth that crashes thru door. You double back- going downstairs to where the (3) turrets were- with that swinging I-Beams.

When arriving on lower level- several enemies appear- normally I dispatch them before proceeding thru door damaged by I-beams.

While engaging enemies game crashes with following error message:

Too many verts for a dynamic vertex buffer (36120>32768) Tell programmer to up VERTEX_BUFFER_SIZE

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