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Sins of New Eden: Rebirth - First Public Release. Please bear with us while we construct its ModDB page!

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After many years of blood, sweat and tears- we've finally done it.

The first release is now public, following CCP's very own content creation agreement:

This mod is 100% based off of EVE's mechanics & fittings via pyfa v2.16.2, contributing to overall realism.

32px Icon missiles heavy 32px Icon turret pulse largeWhich fits does Sins of New Eden: Rebirth run on? 32px Icon turret blaster large 32px Icon turret autocannon larg

Doctrine fits.

More about them: Google Spreadsheet

Do the fits reflect the aesthetics of a ship?

Absolutely!, the ships come with turrets that represent each and every fit.


What's new?

  • Visual Overhaul (Also thanks to the PBR Shaders from Sins: Remastered)
  • New Meshes
  • New Economy System
  • SFX Overhaul
  • Total Texture Overhaul
  • Virtually uncrashable without voodoo magic
  • FPS optimization
  • Memory Usage optimization
  • Shield Effects
  • Shipwrecks
  • Removal of DLC needs
  • Environments
  • Ship Particles
  • Stronger AI
  • HD Jove Vessels
  • Experimental Dreadnought Siege Animations
  • NEW Skyboxes
  • Interdiction Bubbles VFX
  • Specific AI profiles (players won't have autocast ON as default for T2's & sub-faction factories anymore)
  • and more...

Skyboxes Preview



Kalevala Expanse

Screenshot 6


Screenshot 7


Screenshot 5

The Forge

Screenshot 4


Screenshot 8


Screenshot 9

Galaxy Forge - System Effects


image 1

Signature Radius: -100%
Damage Resistance -50%
Capacitor Restoration: +50%
Neut Drain Amount: +100%


image 2

Weapon Range: +100%
Max Speed: +100%
Acceleration: -50%
Stasis Webifier Strength: -50%

Cataclysmic Variable

image 3

Shield Point Regen: +100%
Capacitor Regen Rate: -50%

Wolf Rayet

image 4

Signature Radius: +100%

Damage Resistance: -50%
Frigate Damage: +200%

Red Giant

image 5

Smartbomb Damage: +100%
Smartbomb Range: +100%

Legal Disclaimer:

EVE Online © CCP Games. All EVE Online mods under Cyno Studios was created under CCP Games’s “EVE Online Content Creation Terms of Use” using assets from EVE Online and EVE: Valkyrie. It is not endorsed by CCP Games and does not reflect the views or opinions of CCP Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing EVE Online. As such, it does not contribute to the official narrative of the fictional universe, if applicable.

This material is used with limited permission of CCP Games. No official affiliation or endorsement by CCP Games is stated or implied. Any and all material that may resemble content from the EVE Online IP is owned solely by CCP Games.

image 21

image 22

image 23

image 24

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