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Yep going on a hiatus, so you can expect not much(or none at all) development of this game.

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Hiatus? What?
Yes I am going an a hiatus. This whole project I came in way over my head with too much expectations and ideas.
And over the course of the past 2 years(give or take) I have:
Learned many new techniques; improved my skills; realize that I need to calm my ideas down; learned new skill sets(and continue to to this day).

Does this mean it's cancelled or dead?
Nope, I probably would work on it. But with a more calm approach as it would be more to the side.

Anyway, during this hiatus I would be working on a different project. Working on this one drains your soul, especially with the lack of progress. And with my new and improved skills it's going to be easy to make and smaller as well. I will post an update once I made enough progress with it.

Good news is that I can re-use any assets from my secret project for Project EUtopia once I'm done with it.

Sorry for this news(good or bad) here's a video.

See you in the next update.

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