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Ultimate Weapons Renewal now has it's own page (WIP). Check out what we have to say!

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So now we have split off from Original Weapons Renewal and are starting our own page. This is for a couple of reasons:

  1. Although the main focus will always be weapons, we are also doing equipment and engine changes as well, which does not fit with the theme of Original Weapons Renewal
  2. We were flooding the OWR page with news about our mod. We will still maintain the OWR page until/if r_populik returns to active modding, but for our mod it was time to create a new page.

As you can see from our latest video, there are a number of engine extensions this mod is featuring, and the list is growing.

For those of you not familiar with this mod's premise: we aim to build upon the excellent Original Weapons Renewal mod by r_populik and add new weapons, new engine extensions, new equipment, and more.
This will not be your typical weapons mod.

You can see the new engine features in the video, but what you may not know is the new weapons added so far:

  • Steyr Aug A1
  • FNP 45
  • Ruger Mini-14
  • IMI Uzi
  • AK-104
  • PP-19 Bizon
  • PP-19-01 Vityaz
  • AA-12
  • Baikal MP-153
  • "Borz"
  • Stechkin APS

There will be more, in addition to the goodies from OWR, but that's the list at this time. We will also be replacing some of the OWR models with models of our own.

That's it for now, but more updates will be coming soon. Add us to your watch list to keep up with the latest news.


Completely awesome. Can't wait to see more!

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eee.. wow!?

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r_pop is coming back from what I've seen on his youtube channel. One month ago he posted a new video. IDK if it means that he is going back to his normal activity.
Probably he was on summer holidays :)

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