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Calradia 1050 A.D.: Mercenary Uprising is uploading and will be available later today. Have fun!

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Taleworlds forum link to the mod's thread :

Main Gameplay Features
Diplomacy 4.2. Credit: Waihti, hessuu, fisheye, rubik, jrider, Mjöllnir, Akmar Nibelung and zParsifal
Pre-Battle Orders and Deployment (PBOD).92 including Formations (with some code from PBOD .96 to fix an error). Credit: Caba`Drin (PBOD) & motomataru (formations).
Freelancer 1.51 (with several fixes from Floris 2.55). Credit: Taragoth.
Two additional factions: the Keltons and the Khergiz.

Other Mini-mods and Codes
Tavern Animations and Sounds. Credit: Daedalus / Slawomir of Aaarrghh (I included the tavern traveler modifications suggested by Stan in the Taleworlds Forum for the OSP Tavern)
Bridge Battles Kit. Credit: Archer
Banking Kit (Landlords and Moneylenders). Credit: Duh.
Outposts Kit v0.8. Credit: Lumos with help of cdvader, Caba`drin, bobirov, Dawg of War, L00ter, and Nordous.
Permanent Camp v0.2 (OSP). Credit: Alex_NG
Dynamic Troop Tree Presentation. Credit: Dunde.
Perfect Troop Tree Presentation. Credit: Rubik.
Recruit troops from castles and towns. Credit: Laszers. (I modified the scripts and created a simple trigger to replenish supply of available recruits every 30 days).
Auto-sort troops in castles. Credit: Rubik.
Spear Two-Attack Direction animation and code. Credit: Sahran.
Combat Animation Enhancement v5.0. Credit: Papa Lazarou
Salt Mines to have your prisoners earn you money each week. Credit: Tocan (code from Tocan's Calradia).
Buy troops rest time in the tavern to improve morale. Credit: Tocan (code modified from Tocan's Calradia).
Kill count showing enemies killed by player and by NPCs Credit: Taragoth (from Freelancer 1.50).
Script to guarantee all melee weapons (OSP). Credit: SonKidd, with mission templates modification suggested by Thorberg. I modified and used this script to force all pole-arm or two-handed wielding troops to also spawn with one-handed weapon in their inventory.
Script to disable the fight in alley at game start. Credit: Tocan (from Tocan's Calradia). Your character will appear on the strategic map and you can decide where to go from there. You can still do the merchant quest by approaching the merchant in the tavern of any of the starting cities and responding affirmatively to his first statement.
Code that increases max party size for owning a fief, owning castles, being a marshal, or being king. Credit Caba 'drin.
Script that allows raids to be broken off by the player. Credit: Caba`Drin.

Graphics and Sound Mods
Realistic Colors and Taller Grass v1.22 Credit: Lucke189
More Metal Sounds v2.2. Credit: Checkmaty
Sounds from Tavern Animation Pack. Credit: Daedalus / Slawomir of Aaarrghh
Female Faces v1.3 for WARBAND Credit: Barf and Broken One
Expanded Horizons v1.1. Credit: Openshaw
Polished Skyboxes. Credit: Charan
Quapittiy's Banners OSP for 2 new banner sets. Credit: Quapittiy

Bridge Battle scenes. Credit: Archer
Native Warband Siege Scenes Pack. Credit: Lord Samuel
Historic Castles Project - the British Isles v1.2. (3 used for Kelton castles). Credit: Adorno
OSP 8 Castles by dxaero4 (4 used for Khergiz castles). Credit: dxaero4
Town of Ashford exterior (for Keltons). Credit: Lord Canute
Starfall Castle exterior (for Keltons). Credit: Lord Canute
Outpost and Fort scenes for the Outpost Kit. Credit: Nordous

Various additional scripts modifications by Redleg. Re-worked troops trees and two new factions. Various OSP arms and armors. All features, credits, OSP add-ons, etc. are shown in the document file in the module folder.

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