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The mod is in the final stages! I have completed all features and am working on the last few things, mainly polishing the campaign map. I expect to post the release version within the week.

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A full list of features, included mods/codes, and credits will be included when I post the release version. The mod is stable and error-free as far as I can determine. All features are working as intended. I have recently added a new quest that will be challenging to the player, especially if the player doesn't have a decent sized army of seasoned troops.

I also added "young noble" troops for each faction that are recruited only from towns and castles if the player has sufficient renown (200) and has as least neutral relations with the lord of the town/castle. Noble troops cannot be obtained by upgrades through the troop tree. These young noble troops do upgrade to tier 6 infantry or cavalry and all young nobles are mounted troops.

As mentioned in a previous update, I have added two new factions to the existing 6 factions. To find a place for them on the campaign map of Calradia, I had to modify parts of the map to the south of Shariz along the coast and to the east of the Khergit steppes. The main work I have to do is to polish these parts of the map to make sure they look good (the map editor is not the easiest tool to use, especially in regard to mountain textures).

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