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For our more egg-headed players, Hugh and Max just put together a special interview and video talking about occlusion culling in general and how it is being changed in the next version of NS2.

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NS2HD Interviews Max McGuire the technical director of Unknown Worlds Entertainment, Max sheds some light on the current status of the game and what’s to come in the next patch.
Max talks about some of the major changes that have been on going relating to Occlusion Culling, The Animation System and Atmospheric Lighting as well as giving us a technical insight into the choices made into the spark engines occlusion culling methods, the advantages and disadvantages and how they work.

Jerikøh - - 298 comments

I love this game!

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Khelben - - 182 comments

Does this mean we are gonna have more frame per seconds?

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Kokumotsu - - 528 comments

There's a beta?? D=

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Jeffman12 - - 1,475 comments

Yes, and you can get in on it by pre-ordering it from their site right now.

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Mkilbride - - 2,784 comments

There is an Alpha, it's been in a closed Alpha test for almost a year now.

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