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The main character - Kaidanovsky, aka Kaidan, is an employee of the private agency "Omega".
The main task of the protagonist is to understand who he is, what his past is, what is happening in the present, what this formation is - the Zone. Who is the Shooter about which there are so many stories and rumors. The search for "his" life path, his place among stalkers, those who come to the Zone for a while and sometimes stay here forever - this is the main incentive that drives our hero to go all the way ...
Two new main storylines have been added to the mod:
1. Added NLC main story
Restored many quests from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadows of Chernobyl
2. Added the main storyline from the Omega Option mod

A huge number of new dialogues in the game
Most quest characters will now be able to barter quest items with you
Now you can hire stalkers for joint raids
It is possible to have a dialogue with every NPC in the game
Each character in the game can give you a task
Created more unique quest characters
Additional story and regular dialogues have been added for all characters in the location
New dialogues for all NPCs in the game (!)
the chain of information trading has been changed - now the Personal Diary can be exchanged for a PDA with the ability to detect a cache
GPS beacons can be changed to a PDA with the coordinates of caches (3k1)
Broken PDAs can be exchanged for new PDAs with a surcharge +
Broken micro laughs can be exchanged for Broken PDAs
- information trading (only PDA trading is implemented at the moment)
- dialogues that create atmosphere + all random dialogues from PM restored
New dialogues for absolutely all characters on locations

Added a huge number of new dialogue branches
A lot of dialogues have been added, absolutely for all characters on locations
- Changed many dialogues of the original
- Unique characters assigned unique dialogues
In total, more than 2500 spoken lines have been added, three branches of dialogue for ordinary NPCs, and five or six for unique characters.

The attitude of factions towards the GG has been changed - now, playing as Loners, you can complete the tasks of Bandits, Military and Mercenaries (as in the original CoP). Changes in relations affected only the GG and do not affect the game balance in any way. By the way, sooner or later you will have to choose which group to work for by completing certain tasks, so maintaining neutrality will be quite problematic.
In general, this concept brings the game closer to an RPG and gives you the choice in which direction to develop relations with one or another group.
the changes affected only the Loners, while playing for the rest of the factions, the relationship will remain the same as in the original Anomaly

An attempt was made to create a unique biome for each location
New environment and grass textures for each location - NZK MOD ANOMALY FLORA OVERHAUL v.3.1
11 hours of new atmospheric music for the first radio wave
25 hours of ambient music to create atmosphere

Added about 500 (!) side quests from NLC7 mods, Omega Option, adapted by Dead Air Revolution Patch3
Increased diversity of the same type of quests
Adapted DEAD AIR REVOLUTION PATCH 3 - new quests
New quests (500+ pieces!) from the Dead Air Revolution and Dead Air Rebalance mod + quests from NZK by death_dealer
Dead Air Revolution is a Dead Air addon based on Dead Air 0.98b and Dead Air Rebalance 1.2.5, bringing over 300 new quests.
Arszis Immersive Dynamic Tasks
(adapted everything except the fetch script)
Igi Tasks
GT Tasks
Artifact Hunters
LTTZ DC - 1.5RC18
Basic tweaks and updates:
- Changed the Living Legend: Champion of the Monolith quest to make Eidolon live up to expectations.
- Revised "Mortal Sin: Urban Warfare" quest: enemies spawn in stages to avoid the situation where all Sin forces come to the same place at the same time.
- The quest "Mortal Sin: Endgame" has been reworked according to the original concept.
- Added a few PDA messages to improve the flow of the story.

21, Dice, Russian roulette

Added artifact transmutation system
To create an artifact, you will need a transmutation recipe and ingredients

• Reworked characteristics of all artifacts;
• added about 150 new artifacts
• restored many artifacts from PM
A lot of new artifacts (150+) have been added to the mod, artifacts are divided into three levels

Added three new factions
- Marauders, Raiders and Hunters
Marauders are hostile to the Player - thanks to this, there are more gunfights and non-standard situations in the game
Raiders are hostile to the Player
Marauders and Raiders are neutral to Bandits and Rogues
Hunters are based in the Wild Territory in the camp
Present throughout the Zone
Marauders are worse equipped than Raiders
Bandit squads rebalanced
Added missing doctors on the Location:
- Hip is now a Cordon Medic, - Ecologist Medic has been added to Yantar
Added a new type of merchant - Artifact Merchant

GG dreams
Increased the complexity of the gameplay
added background radiation in closed locations
- New limb injury system
- There is a possibility of cooking food on a campfire
- Animal meat deteriorates over time
- Edits have been made to actor.ltx for realism and complication of the game
- Movement speed now depends on the suit
- Exoskeletons now need a battery
- The assortment of merchants has been redesigned
- Changed things at the start of the game
- Introduced a barter system between the player and the NPC
- Added and balanced withdrawal of money from corpses
- Changed camera motion animations
- Added animations of using items
- Integrated Level_Transition_Travel_Simulator
- Changed the immunity of all mutants and stalkers
- Fixed the characteristics of all artifacts

new weapons - Flamethrower, Gauss machine gun, Gauss pistol, Automatic Saiga, Automatic Arrow
restored unique barrels of PM and NLC

New Weapons - integrated B&S mod, as well as some barrels from the SHOKER WEAPON MOD

New types of zombies: zombies are divided into three types
1 - classic slow zombies
2 - ghoul
3 - jagger
New mutant species - Dwarf Mutant, Chimera Beast, Goblin, Wolf, Sabretooth, Leeper, Ratwolf, Death Claw, Frog, Worm, Slug, Ghoul, Kikimora, Amoeba, Noser, Spider, Cockroach, Splinter, Mole Rat, Parasite
The cut-out mutants from Anomaly have been restored, new monsters have been added to squads
Two logical behaviors have been added to spiders
Added Dynamic mutant spawn (Dynamic Mutants + Nocturnal Mutants) to locations
Several different texture options have been added for each mutant, new models for some monsters
The controller is voiced, humanoid mutants have human sound sources
New monsters - new monsters have been added, original sounds have been added to monsters from Metro 2033
, new Loric models of snorks, controllers, zombies from Mutants Model Pack #1-2
- unique body parts have been added to all new mutants
- added changes to the Buhrer and Controller from arszi
+ added new controller sounds, zombies, pseudo-attacks
The relationship of monsters to each other is rebalanced, namely:
- Bloodsuckers are at enmity with all living beings
- Dogs and pseudo-dogs hunt wild boars and flesh
- Pseudo-giant is dangerous for all animals
- Humanoid mutants now treat each other neutrally
- Cats are the worst enemies for rats and carcasses

Work has been done to adjust the balance - now monsters do not devour quest characters (for the most part), the number of monsters in squads is balanced, various animals can now be found at all locations, rats have been added (their number has been increased, now they can be found everywhere and at every location, they are neutral for stalkers)

Added the effect of chromatic aberrations during rain from the PANORAMIC mod.
New sound effects and theme music have been added for the Release

Jelly, Amoeba, Sphere, Zero Gravity Zone
- Adapted by Eugenium Hazardous Anomalies +1.2 Eugenium Hazardous Anomalies FIX ANOMALY 1.5.0. BETA 2.4 REGIONS PATCH New anomalies + dynamic spawn system of anomalies on locations
10 brand new dynamic anomalous zones based on the updated DoctorX random appearance system.
1. A dozen completely new anomalous zones that did not exist before. These are:
- "Darkness" - "Flash" - "Ghost" - "Liquid Gold" - "Green Dragon"
- "Mephistothel" - "Network" - "Dot" - "Radar" - "Press"
2. A unique random appearance system based on the DoctorX Dynamic Anomalies script with custom improvements. The anomalies you see depend on the location.
The closer you are to the center of the Zone, the more diverse and dangerous
the anomalies are.
3. Each anomaly has its own unique qualitative particle effect, sound and impact.

An attempt was made to return the chips
AI pack RC
Increased accuracy of NPCs, changed the behavior model

Unique PDA stalkers
Added a lot of quest items and notes revealing the plot of the game
New weapon positions POSITION VIEW by CEMENT + adaptation of weapons from the SHOKER WEAPON MOD by death_dealer
Many items for equipment repair from technicians have been restored and fixed
Added several new types of anomaly detectors
GPS tracker
A huge number of unique quest items
Many types of PM armor have been restored
Canned food can be exposed to radiation
New models of scientists
New models and textures of stalkers
New textures for a variety of items
Environment textures from NZK MOD 1.3:
- texture of doors, posters and some surfaces
- volumetric effect and texture of rain from NZK 1.3.(by Farsight)
- environment textures from NZK MOD and DEAD AIR
- textures of objects
- new blood textures
The texture of the energy drink has been replaced with the texture of the drink "S.T.A.L.K.E.R."


Sounds really good! How to download latest version 3.1?

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nzkmod Author

download links will be available soon

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cant wait dude 3.0 is really fun

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Hope a translation can also happen as well. I need this mod in my life.

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