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The most fundamental pursuit of any Nugget is survival, which does not always come easily. As a result, Nuggets typically choose leaders whose agendas will most likely keep everyone alive.

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Much like any civilization, Nuggets need leaders. These are the best of the best -- or, at least, that’s what their campaign posters say. The most fundamental pursuit of any Nugget is survival, which does not always come easily. As a result, Nuggets typically choose leaders whose agendas will most likely keep everyone alive. Leaders in The Universim will come up with important laws and agendas that can alter your civilization’s evolutionary path and social structure.

Election Process

Every 2 in-game years, your civilization will vote for the next Leader. There are usually three candidates, and each will bring their own list of laws/changes in the event they are elected. This process will occur with or without your intervention. You can allow Nuggets to choose their own Leaders, or you can weigh in on which you think is best.

Every adult Nugget in your civilization will cast a vote towards the candidate they prefer. Their selection is based on their internal preferences and traits. For example, lazy Nuggets will vote for leaders who promise fewer work hours, while Nuggets who like to eat will vote for candidates who promise more food production.

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User interface

In the UI, each candidate will have a list of laws or changes they plan to implement below their names. Every candidate will have their owncolour to distinguish them from their competitors. A voting bar will showcase the voting progress of each candidate, which will indicate who is currently in the lead. In rare cases, candidates might change their proposed laws/changes to something completely different.


Intervention Process

As a god, you can influence this complex process in a number of ways:

  1. Accidents happen: Nuggets are fragile creatures who do not react well to having a boulder dropped on them. Actually, there are many potential accidents that could befall a candidate. Nuggets know all too well that nature is a cruel mistress. Sometimes, Nuggets just happen to spontaneously combust, get struck by lightning, or end up floating through space. It’s a mysterious world they live in.
  2. Blessings: Murder isn’t always the answer. There is a far less brutal way of influencing the election process, which involves blessing your preferred candidate. Some downsides do exist, though. Firstly, it will cost you Creator Points. Secondly, it might not work. It can happen that the candidate who is most qualified for the job loses to a chimpanzee, even with your blessing. However, at least blessing Nuggets won’t permanently scar the mental state of those who witness your “accidents”.


After the election, the new Leader will continue to enact laws over time. Players will be notified in advance when a Leader plans to enact a new law. (DB* Value on min - max laws per Leader Nugget)
If a Leader dies before their term ends, the community will take a bit of time before electing a new Leader. (DB* Value from min to max time when next election will start)
Leader Nuggets cannot be assigned to any other job. (DB* Min-Max age Nuggets can become a candidate for Leader)

Examples of Laws

  • Elderly Assisted Living (Elders mate and eat 2x more and no longer work. 30% chance of elderly couple dying during mating. +2 to Happiness. )
  • Same-Sex Marriage (+5 to Happiness. Slight decrease in reproduction rate.)
  • Matriarchy (Only Female Leaders) (All female Nuggets get +5 Might. Females live for +5 years longer on average. Probability of males being born -15%)
  • Patriarchy (Only Male Leaders) (All male Nuggets get +5 Might. Males live for +5 years longer on average. Probability of females being born -15%)
  • Child Labor (Nuggets work from when they are children. Causes reduced lifespans (-10 years) and lowered Happiness (-10 Happiness))
  • Labor Laws - Nuggets only start work after they turn 10. Lifespans +10 years. Happiness +5.
  • Work Shifts - Nuggets take shifts working. Increases efficiency of buildings (by reducing time that Nuggets are gone to rest/eat) and increases Happiness (+5).
  • Food for all - Increase the amount of rations per Nugget by double. (Happiness +10. Food consumption +100%.)
  • Prohibition - Nuggets no longer drink from Eateries. (Happiness -5. Nugget Stamina +5.)
  • Contraception Ban - Nugget reproduction rate increases. (Reproduction rate +15%, Happiness -5)
  • Adult Classes - (50% of adults will go to School)
  • Accelerated Studies (Nuggets spend less time in School, but injury rates increase) (-20% School time, injury rate +15%)
  • Vaccinations - Nuggets will get shots to become less prone to disease. (-15% chance of sickness)
  • Safety Guidelines - Nuggets will become less prone to injury. (-15% chance of injury)
  • Pollution Control - Reduces pollution by 30%, but players can no longer build factories that pollute.
  • Medical Aid (Increases healing speed by 15%)
  • Vacation Time (Nuggets will take X amount of time each year for vacation. Happiness +10.)
  • Right to arms (Allows Nuggets to own personal weapons. Injury rate +20%, Happiness +5, Wild Animal Attack chance -50%)
  • Industrialist - Nuggets completely shift away from environmental protection and instead increase production. (Factories +15% efficiency, pollution rate increases by 50%)
  • Nuclear Testing (In rare cases, Nuclear Facilities can experience a meltdown. However, rocket building +30%)
  • Water Filtration (+25% to water refill rates, water buildings decay 5% faster)
  • Pesticides (Farm yields +15%. Sickness rates +5%.)
  • Fertilization (Farm yields +15%. Happiness -5 due to smell.)
  • Scientific Focus (Research rate +15%, Creator Point production -15%)
  • Religious Focus (Creator Point production + 15%, Research rate -15%)
  • Sanitation (Sickness rate -15%, water usage +15%)

Please note that this feature is a work in progress and will only become available after the Steam release.


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