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We are making good progress with physics, animation and networking bugs in the alpha and have many improvements and fixes in our new patch.

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We are making good progress with physics, animation and networking bugs in the alpha and have many improvements and fixes in our new patch. Here's the complete list:


  • Fixed animation choppiness on player models
  • Fixed client-side and server-side memory leaks
  • Fixed bug where pressing Enter in the password dialog would append an invalid character to the password
  • Fixed bug where the server browser (after starting a game) only listed LAN servers
  • Fixed bug where using the subtractive blend mode for effects would somteimes corrupt the rendering
  • Fixed bug where binding a server to a specific IP address would fail
  • Fixed non-QWERTY or US keyboard layouts not working properly
  • Fixed tilde for opening the console on some keyboards
  • Fixed num lock not working when typing
  • Fixed bug where Decoda would not properly launch a mod that had spaces in the directory name
  • Fixed assert/crash when loading levels with certain types of concave faces
  • Fixed bug where error messages would be reported incorrectly when a base class for a Lua class was not found
  • Fixed timing discrepancies between the server and client when player input was processed (fixes shooting moving enemies)
  • Fixed bug where the physics system was not properly reporting the material of hit surfaces
  • Fixed bug where the disconnect message was printed multiple times in the log on the client when a server was shutdown
  • Fixed bug where the mouse cursor was sometimes hidden in the main menu when a client was disconnected from the server
  • Added keyboard repeat rate when typing
  • Added additional error messages when a client disconnects from the server
  • Added texture quality option to editor's general settings
  • Added support for setting string material parameters on RenderModels
  • Added the ability to connect to a server with a password from the console
  • Added "sound_debug 1" in "dev" mode for finding sound problems (helpful for mod authors)
  • Changed the cursor color in Deco/da to be the inverse of the background color
  • Synchronized the "fullscreen" check box with the current window state
  • Added Overview application for generating minimaps


  • Added doors. They open and close for players, but can also be "hacked" by a marine Commander. They can also be locked (locks will be able to be destroyed by alien growth in the future).
  • New Commander tooltips that show you cost, requirements, cost, for most upgrades, structures and abilities.
  • Fixed many sound problems (ricochets, spawn sounds, etc.).
  • Fixed problem with running out of spawn points and falling through the world
  • Fixed problem where multiple upgrades of the same type couldn't be performed (ie, more than one advanced armory).
  • Alien morphing is no longer instant - you turn into an egg and go third-person for a time.
  • Can no longer recycle occupied Command Stations.
  • Commanders never collide with anything.
  • Gorge spit and spray now fire instantly (you don't have to switch "modes").
  • Added parasite ability to Skulk! Hive sight isn't currently enabled though.
  • Marines no longer start with an infantry portal - they must build one. Infantry Portals must be built near a Command Station.
  • Hives start with 3 Drifters and Command Stations start with 2 MACs.
  • Marines can now help build structures like in NS1 (needs audio/visual effects still).
  • Scoreboard now shows colored numbers instead of colored bars.
  • Fixed problem where new hives didn't visually smash through tech point.
  • Added commander hotkeys (but only working for alien Commander at the moment).
  • Fixed problem where non-Commanding marines didn't get killed when closed in a Command Station.
  • Added death animations and ragdolls to most structures and players.
  • Fixed many commander icons.


  • Many updated sound effects and updated reverb settings.
  • ns2_tram updates.
  • Many new MAC voiceovers and tuned him to be less repetitive.
  • Added rifle sound variations.
  • More sci-fi rifle reload, better sounding shotgun fire.
  • Added sound variations and improvements to Gorge and Lerk.

Thanks for helping report issues!

slayersarge - - 138 comments

Cool I only hope for more patches to come soon. Hopefully lag will decrease though as the frames per second are low when it comes to gameplay and how the graphics are.

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~Mapster(WFc) - - 806 comments

I think it's a terrific update. the lag issue may come 10 patches later since atm their just fixing bugs and making it more interesting instead of making everything perfect which is what happens when the beta is released.
Besides Unknown Worlds are hard at work as it is and i think they need support and not negativity although i still agree with you ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
sasuke2490 - - 347 comments

cant wait for the next patch to kill more bugs and make it more playable. this patch has made it alot more playable then b4

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
DJexs - - 32 comments

Still cant play it when i hit ~ after trying to join a server it says i failed to load a ton of models

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Xular - - 31 comments

Try deleting the whole folder and re-download it from steam

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DJexs - - 32 comments

done it twice after every update nothing is working and it is making me sad

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jashin - - 169 comments

It STILL doesn't work for me Charlie.

Still only get menu, can't get on any server/black screen, crash when loading my own

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