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NProject Mod 2.7.1 Patch Lives! Check out what's new in this version!

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NProject Mod 2.7.1 Patch Released!

Some few things haven't made it to the version 2.7 as scheduled, so here's the patch for NPM 2.7 contains those missing stuffs, as well as some tweaks, balances, and fixes for existing stuffs.

What's new in this version patch:


Moon Assault - Map Layout
Moon Assault - Minimap

Name: "Moon Assault"
Players: 3
Map Theater: Moon (seriously)
Time: Unknown (applied as night)
Author: Dawn-Shade

New NProject Mod special map! As the name said, this map resembles the surface of the Moon, making this map unique. The Moon surface is quite unstable, so be careful of some random explosions!

Thanks for Dawn-Shade for his contribution providing this map.

Enabled Laser Paladin Laser Charge ability!

Charged attack have pre-attack delay, but do more damage and have greater AoE. After the charged attack the Paladin cannot attack for a while for turret cooling down. This ability requires Laser Capacitors upgrade.
Watch the video above for ingame preview!

- Tanks no longer just slides away on the ground, the will show actual accelerations/braking movements
- Vehicles have better movements. some vehicles also bounce a little, simulate hitting random rocks
- Most vehicles can move backwards correctly
- Helicopters sway a bit when idle

- Battlemasters now will utilize their machineguns against infantry targets. Even not really damaging (as they're not intended to be anti-infantry), it's much better than tank shells that often to miss.

- Emergency Repair heal radius increased to 150%
- Emergency Repair also repair structures
- New and better Emergency Repair (this makes the Emergency Repair more valuable as a Generals Powers):
> Level 1 Emergency Repair heal amount sightly increased, and still one-shot repair
> Level 2 Emergency Repair is not one-shot repair but repair continuously for some amount of time
> Level 3 Emergency Repair is same as level 2 but lasts much longer, it also have initial repair boost like level 1, and also heals infantry

Download NProject Mod 2.7.1 HERE:

(also included the complete patch changelog)


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