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Dwarven Brawl Bros is now available on both Desura (Alpha Funding) and Steam (Early Access), the price is $5.99, and you get -10% off when buying it via Steam, for a few more days! Weapon update is also live, featuring three new weapons, all firearms: Melee-gun, Repeater, and Rocket Launcher! Other content was also added, and many issues fixed.

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Dwarven Brawl Bros now available on Desura and Steam

DBB can now be purchased on both Desura (Alpha Funding) and Steam (Early Access) at $5.99, and for a few more days you get -10% off when buying it via Steam!

Weapon update is live - brawling got serious

The first major update since the release adds a new category of weapons: firearms. Three new weapons were added into this category, upping the weapon count to 24! These weapons fire fast-speed projectiles that are not affected by gravity, adding a new level of tactics into brawling. Introducing:



Rocket Launcher (yes, we are dead serious)

Attack induction time, Boomsticks game mode, on-lava respawn fixed

Other features in this update include attack induction time property that adds attack delays to different attacks, firearm-only game mode Boomsticks, and a respawn fix that prevents players from respawning within no-tile columns, meaning there is no more respawning straight into lava.

Full patch notes in the blog

The full changelog can be found here:

0.9.7 next week!

We are working on the game mode update and releasing it next week. Expect to see brand new game modes, and improvements in the current ones. Cheers!

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