Dorf, dorf!

Dwarven Brawl Bros is a local 2 to 6 player 2D-platformer-fighting-party-game with a retroish feel. The goal is simple: play as a dwarf and kill your bros! What more could you wish for?

Pick some weapons thrown at you, think fast, and hit others with whatever you just picked. Each weapon has its own pros and cons as well as three different, separate attacks - and a special attack to finish off your target (or weaken someone else) once you have successfully hit enough with basic attacks. Smack them from behind and push them into lava or spikes for extra damage: let the beards hit the lava in a slow-mo gorey flight!


Dwarven Brawl Bros is a brawler doesn't limit your gameplay to class specific skills or weapons. All the characters can use all the weapons and you can change your style and arsenal mid-fight. The brawling is made non-restricting and insanely fun!

But if you enjoy specific gameplay, like playing as a zombie or a fake-elf versus dwarves, there are game modes for that too.

On top of that, the stages are destructible, making individual bricks break and platform structures collapse, and the overtime system crumbles the stage if the match starts to get too long.

Dwarven Brawl Bros is fully controller supported, meaning that it can be played through the menus and the gameplay with a controller. No mouse or keyboard required!

Latest updates:



Stay tuned by reading the dev blog for detailed progress updates and more in-depth info:

What DBB is & what DBB has:

  • 31 weapons: melee, ranged, firearms, and explosives, each with three+one different attacks, damages, knockbacks, and others attributes
  • 38 stages with 3 size variants each, with different destructible structures and damaging elements such as spikes and lava falls
  • Local 2-6 player brawling, with full controller support, but is also playable with keyboard
  • Playable in all-vs-all, one-vs-many, 2-vs-2, and 3-vs-3 settings
  • 26 game modes for different parties: All-vs-all, respawn deathmatch, team-vs-team (with and without respawn), Overthrow ("kill the king"), Dorf Ball ("dwarven football"), Zombie survivor, Firearms/Melee/Explosives only, Happy Hour ("just specials"), Identity Crisis ("kill the elf"), and more
  • Customizable matches beyond modes: set the amount of hit points and spawned weapons, sessions lengths, weapon carry limit, frenzy parameters, and more - Make the game suit the party
  • Retro, cute & brutal pixelated art-style
  • Chiptune-ish sfx and music
  • Announcer in floating text, Pixel Display, and Steam achievements, announcing kills and other events - it's a dwarven party!
  • English and Finnish translation

DBB is available on Steam:

For more in-depth info, check the FAQ post explaining dozens of questions about DBB:

Can my computer run it?
Dwarven Brawl Bros requires just a modernish CPU (~any CPU made within the last five years) to run smoothly and any graphic card capable of running shadermodel 3.0 (~any card made after 2005) to display all the visuals.

There will be options to turn down effects, so pretty much everyone will be able to play the game!

Mac and Linux versions will be released eventually as well!

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RSS Articles

DBB has reached 1.0! Out of Early Access & beta

Dwarven Brawl Bros has reached version 1.0, and is now out of Early Access/beta! This milestone is also a content update, adding one new weapon, two new stages, and one new game mode.

The price is now $6.99/6.99 EUR, and for a week there is a 10% off launch discount! The game can be purchased on Steam.


New trailer

There is now also a new trailer that shows the latest additions, such as firearms, in a four-player setting.

Early Access memories

We'd like to thank our Early Access supporters for valuable feedback that helped DBB evolve into its current form! The following were implemented during the two-month Early Access phase:

  • Firearms
  • Team game modes
  • Tutorial
  • Overtime
  • Frenzy
  • Full controller support, controller mapping in-game
  • New stages
  • New game modes (Dorf Ball, several spiced modes)
  • Disarming
  • Steam achievements, match stats
  • Huge number of bug fixes

The full controller support and controller mapping were added in "minor update" recently, so if you missed the full-controller support early on, it is now there!

Now what?

If you still got any feedback or ideas, feel free to share them. Feedback is still extremely valuable, and it'll help making DBB even better!

Content update

1.0 is also a content update. The following were added:

New weapon: Mallet

Mallet is a hammer-like fast- and sure-to-hit knockback weapon with medium-light damage and short range. It is excellent for rushing and cornering enemies.


Two new stages

Two new stages were added, both of which heavily utilize spikes as key harming elements.





New game mode: Knock, knock

A new spiced game mode with 50% more knockback, applied to both normal and self-knockback. This mode also replaces the Bar fight game mode in the "Spiced modes" collection.

Full changelog (1.0):

  • New weapon: Mallet; fast, medium-high knockback weapon with medium-low damage and range
  • Two new stages: Walls and Traps
  • New game mode: Knock, knock (double knockbacks for weapons)
  • Bar fight game mode removed from "spiced modes" collection, replaced with "Knock, knock"
  • Weapon swing, ground touching/landing, and jump sounds made quieter
  • Dynamite's special attack's time between attacks increased from 1.2 seconds to 1.5 seconds
  • Hatchet's special attack now leaves a swing trail (like other attacks)
  • Kill heal amount default set to 30 (instead of 20)
Dwarf goes wroom - DBB 0.9.9 is live!

Dwarf goes wroom - DBB 0.9.9 is live!


0.9.9 is live, featuring all-new "frenzy" kill reward system, disarming, explosive tweaks, three new stages, and more!

Time waits for no dwarf! DBB 0.9.8 is live!

Time waits for no dwarf! DBB 0.9.8 is live!


0.9.8 is live, featuring several playability and content additions. Most notable feature of this update is the "overtime" system that makes stages slowly...

Brewer vs Bureau: Team mode update v0.9.7

Brewer vs Bureau: Team mode update v0.9.7

News 1 comment

Dwarven Brawl Bros has been updated with four team deathmatch game modes, and a "dwarven football", Dorf Ball, game mode. These game modes offer 2-vs-2...

Now available on both Desura and Steam - v0.9.6 is live!

Now available on both Desura and Steam - v0.9.6 is live!


Dwarven Brawl Bros is now available on both Desura (Alpha Funding) and Steam (Early Access), the price is $5.99, and you get -10% off when buying it via...


wheres the download

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where is the download ?

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INtense! Staff

looks like great fun. love the dorf, and other puns!

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