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With November comes more updates for Colony Wars. This month introduces some old favorites as well as some new goodies as usual.

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It's been a busy month for Colony Wars... For those not in the know, Colony Wars is a Partial Conversion Mod for Yuri's Revenge which adds in new units for the original 3 Sides and adds in the Giant Ants now known as the "Colony" as a new side.

So to start things off lets start with a new but old Soviet Unit the Rhino Heavy Tank.

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If they look familiar then your eyes aren't fooling you. The Rhino Tank is based on the PreRelease 'Heavy Tank' from Red Alert 2. The Rhino Tank is armed with 2 120mm barrels that gives it a powerful attack and is the MBT of the Soviet Army Faction.

Another familiar unit is the V3 Launcher
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The V3 Launcher has been tweaked slightly that they launch their rockets much faster. The V3 Launcher is the unique Siege Unit for the Soviet Army Faction.

Last but not least for the Soviets is a cousin of everyone's favorite robotic spider. The Jolt Drone

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Jolt Drones exchange their cutting tools for a mini tesla reactor that gives them a host of new powers like an electric bolt that short-circuits enemy units. Granting them immunity to EMP and giving them a small EM Pulse Deploy Weapon.

Continuing, We move onto the allied toys.

The Nighthawk has finally gotten its long awaited Voxel Remake.
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Aside from the new voxel the Nighthawk has received a slight boost in health.

A new but familiar aircraft (for those who played Tiberian Dawn) joins the Allies in the form of the A-10 Thunderbolt, more commonly known as the "Warthog". The Warthog is unique to the Eagle Command being their dedicated Tier 3 Aircraft.
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Introducing a new unit that rivals the Kirov Airship is the Allied Athena Gunship
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Bestowing her own justice with her Glaucus Prism Cannon the Athena Cannon could be considered a flying prism tank. Which she is, however she has a secondary ability called the Athena Beacon. The Beacon allows the Athena to double her range and fire off burning rainbow beams of destruction from an even further distance.

Tanya now has unique snow & desert specific graphics.
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The most overly used Unit design also joins Colony Wars.
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The Abrams Tankis a Tier 2 (Radar) Tank that is armed with a Machine Gun against infantry and a Cannon against Vehicles & Buildings.

Last but not least is Yuri...

The Grinder had unused animations which were supposed to play. The building now properly plays this and I've also optimized some animations on the Building.
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One of Yuri's Stolen Tech Infantry, the Enlightened
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Enlightened are psychics in Yuri's Army who volunteer to have their legs removed and replaced with robotic spider legs similar to the Terror Drone and other cybernetic implants. This gives them improved speed as well increasing their durability. This does come at a price as they also are now vulnerable to EMP Weaponry.

4StarGeneral has been busy working on remaking the Gatling Cannon as well. Wish him luck everyone.

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Credits go to their respective authors. And until then.



How is Abrams using MG vs infantry and Cannon vs vehicles AND infantry? O_O? I think you mean buildings :P

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Atomic_Noodles Author

typo on my part then. But yeah the Abrams uses Machine Guns only against infantry.

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what's the code to make it only use mg against infantry?

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