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Hey, guys! I'm here to give you a quick update, since we're nearing the end of our "2015" window, and know you're waiting for more info.

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Hey, guys! I'm here to give you a quick update, since we're nearing the end of our "2015" window, and don't want to stay silent until the last minute.

Firstly, we've come to clear most of the major obstacles that we needed to to release this year!

We've been working our suits off to make sure all of our maps were pretty, our voices clear and our Gina demonstrational.

Pretty much all of our voice overs have been completed for some time. One final character's lines remain. We expected we'd finish with one final recording session today, however there's been some complications, so that's not quite the plan anymore

Choreography, as it has been, is still a big issue right now. It's coming along, however very slowly, as that department rests on Jeff's shoulders, and there's quite of bit of it. Choreo, not Jeff shoulder.
On the level design side of things, the maps are practically done. We've got one area in particular that's nearing completion but we still want to do a little bit of work to it to ensure it's up to the same prettiness standards as the rest of the mod.

Speaking of standards, Chris'll be finishing off the last of our prop textures today. Besides that, we're mostly just down to some final polishing. Little bugfixes, additional optimization passes, that sort of thing.

Now, for the sake of total transparency, we are still confident that we're on track for a release this year, even if perhaps we have to cut it close. But should things go awry, there's potential we could seep slightly into 2016, but don't worry, if that happens, it won't be far into it at all. We're super close!

Regardless, we're not gonna stay dead silent until the last second, we'll be sure you guys know what the plan is by the end of the month. We'll have another update for you guys then, but in the meantime, feel free to click this button and hit us up on Facebook where we post more frequent small updates and drop occasional goodies.

Or if you prefer not to wait for those, or don't do social media, feel free to just ask! As usual, both here and over on the forums, questions, comments, concerns, deafening cries of outrage or porpoise trivia are all accepted and we'll be glad to listen!

We'll keep in touch!

Dune_Jumper - - 1,586 comments

Bananas are good.

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TheUnbeholden - - 3,612 comments

I see... All is well here, carry on.

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Guest - - 692,255 comments

I like apple pie.

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Olde - - 53 comments

Sorry, ignoramus here. Is this going to be a standalone mod or an add-on to Black Mesa, either the mod or Steam version?

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ChrisBryant Author
ChrisBryant - - 1,087 comments

Please read the VERY FIRST SENTENCE of the description.

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TheSleepingObama - - 438 comments

Keep up the hard work gents!

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TheUnbeholden - - 3,612 comments

Don't you worry about us, we can wait till the end of the month aslong as you don't forget about us!

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shellback - - 31 comments

Been following this for awhile now and want to thank you for sharing your super talents with us. The pictures are amazing. The Art work appears 1st rate and very professionally done. I look forward to playing this mod with much anticipation.

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