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this has details to do with the halo tech tree.....

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Im still on holiday, with about a week 2 go, and i figured id post this up
Its not the promised thing, thatll be up once i get back to my computer lol,
But this is important in its own right and i thought id run it past u all

Halo tech tree...
Heavy Fighter - Longsword - (UL)
Light Bomber - Longsword - (UL)
Tier 1 - Andraste - Colonise Mars
Tier 2 - Frigate - (UL)
Tier 3 - Destiny - Colonise Skopje
Tier 4 - Aspire - Colonise Arcadia
Tier 6 - Matathon - Construct Reyes-McLees Shipyards
Tier 7 - Python - Colonise Hervest
Tier 9 - Pheonix - Colonise Reach

Armor - Titanium-A Upgrade
Damage Control - Improve Damage Control
Sublight - Upgrade Sublight
Weapons - Upgrade Cannons

Tier 12 - Forerunner Dreadnought - Access the Shield World Docks
Upgrade - Unlock Forerunner Consoles

Sanghelios Accord - Unlocks Covey Ships/Upgrades
Heavy Bomber - Serpah - Sangheili Accord
Light Fighter - Serpah - Sangheilli Accord
Tier 5 - Assault Frigate - Capture Joyous Exultation
Tier 8 - Covey Battle CCS Frigate - Capture K7-49
Tier 10 - Covenant CCS Carrier - Capture K7-49
Tier 11 - Covenant Assault Carrier - Capture High Charity

Armor - Increase Armor Density
Shields - Modify Energy Shields
Sublight - Modify Repulsor Engines
Weapons - Modify Plasma Weapons

And lastly, because i cant remember if ive mentioned the final list, the Halo Heroes...
T1 - Noble Six in a Longsword
T2 - Arbiter Elite in fighter group
T3 - UNSC Forward Unto Dawn
T4 - Brute Controlled Covey Destroyer
T5 - UNSC Pillar of Autumn
T6 - UNSC Spirit of Fire
T7 - Prophet of Truth in Covey Assault Carrier

hope that keep u going till i get back

joey5452 - - 1,001 comments

nice post put i did see some spelling errors :P

matathon should be marathon i think :P
serpah should be seraph ^^
o and hervest is harvest :P

but i am still happy you posted this :P

do you have any audio files yet for the halo faction?

o and have fun on the rest of your holiday ^^

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Kerensky - - 274 comments

Looking good.
I know you are limited by available models but if some become available would you change things like Noble Six to a Sabre or the light fighter to a space Banshee?
Also seeing as how the Covey unlock is called the Sanghelios Accord, how about having The Shipmaster, Rtas 'Vadum, from Halo 2 and 3 in the Shadow of Intent as the T7 unit? Make it fit the canon better with Elites and Humans allied.
Can't think of a replacement for the Brute ship at the moment.

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker - - 5,875 comments

never really thought of it that way, might consider it, i was trying to cover as many of the bad guy races as i could with the heroes

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ODST_General - - 260 comments

For the Pillar of Autumn are you going to use the Marathon model or are you going to get a Halcyon class model?

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker - - 5,875 comments

i dont have access to a Halcyon model, from what i can see, the difference between the 2 ships is minimal, since one replaces the other, but i might be wrong

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Hellstormer321 - - 234 comments

what do you mean you dont have access to halcyon?

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gen4321 - - 1,034 comments

Could you stop teasing us with your epic pics and videos and just release the mod already?!?!!!

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