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Going over everything new during the month of october.

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It was an interesting month, to say the least. Marco198 joined the team as a mapper, the story is being refined daily, the first chapter is nearing completion more and more, npc's are being written, weapons fixed and updated, new entities to be used by aforementioned npcs, the whole deal.

The beginning of the month was rather slow. I had to reinstall windows, which shockingly took a week, because it took me several days to even figure out I needed to reinstall windows. However, the beginning of the month wasn't all bad. Marco198 joined the team, working as a mapper. Marco will be designing the maps for the Antlion caves, a chapter featured in the demo. Speaking of the demo, the team and I have reached an agreement for what will be featured in the first release.

The demo will feature the prologue, the wastelands in chapter one, and the antlion caves in chapter two. The prologue will be relatively lengthy, despite being only one map. The wasteland chapter will consist of around 4-5 maps, and the ant caves will be around 5-6 maps. It's difficult to give a release date now, but more information will be coming in the coming months. Soon, probably next month, we will be looking for voice actors, so if you or someone you know may be interested, more information will be coming soon.

Anyways, onto the fun stuff.

One of the things i was able to work on the most this month was a new NPC, the gas flyer. Originally seen in RTB, the gas flyer is a floater-like enemy, getting close to the player and releasing a toxic gas, stunning the player. the gas flyers then move in, stinging their prey to death.

d1 wasteland 040002

The map is a work in progress wasteland map. I spent a few days blocking it out, as it is quite a large map, and then giving it some minor art passing and scripting.

d1 wasteland 040001

This is not finished, but I wanted to show it off anyways.

Some more work has gone into the opening wasteland map, recently i've been working on the logic as well as some art passing. The maps are rather empty feeling now, but that will all be fixed this month.

d1 wasteland 01 final0009

Another big map i've been working on is the prologue. The prologue will explain the characters place in the world, as well as provide some fun gameplay and set pieces for the player to enjoy. I won't reveal anymore about the prologue. It's a surprise.

Speaking of fun gameplay and set pieces..


The famed particle storm is currently in very early testing.

One of the goals this month is to finish the mapping for chapter one. The layouts are finished, and the script is almost finished, it's just all down to me creating the maps and linking them together.


One last thing i'll touch on is new sound effects being created for the weapons. I've spent some time this month editing the base half-life 2 weapon sounds. I'm trying to get them to feel more powerful, as I feel like the weapons in half-life 2 are rather lacking in their feel.

d1 wasteland 01 final0007

That wraps it up for now. As always, if you'd like to leave any feedback for whats been shown, or perhaps are interested in joining the team, I can be reached at Zapagoogas#9716 on discord, or our server can be joined at

See ya next month.

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This looks like fun!

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zapagoogas - - 40 comments

Thank you!

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Looks good! 😺

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