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What is done? What still needs some time to be finished for a first public alpha release?

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***** UPDATE: 05-27-2016 *****

It’s been a long time since the last written words here. So, what happened in meantime is a lot as you can imagine from some pictures or by following the “insights” on my profile’s blog. However, not everything can be kept on picture (and honestly, I hate capturing and editing videos).

Let’s have a look on what of the main features are done for a first alpha release:

  • All 4 tower models exist and are fully functioning
  • The main structures (Strato Hub, Strato Bulb, Strato Beacon) will ship as-is
  • 4 Creeps exist for now
  • Some environmental map objects exist, a few more would be good (lower priority)
  • Firewall logics are functioning (indicators for routes which can be adjusted)
  • The first item has been introduced (a collectable Energy Tank)
  • Basic player powers are functioning
  • Music and most SoundFX are implemented
  • Button images (or placeholders) and descriptions are done
  • Attack waves and mission objectives are scripted
  • The alpha map design is almost finished

Still on my TODO list and with a high priority:

  • 2 towers still need to be textured (rough textures only)
  • The 2 planned tech structures lack their visual appearance (rough textures only)
  • various smaller changes and tweaks
  • Balancing and testing phase

I am not sure if all that will be done in a few months since I’ve got only very little time until the end of January but let’s see what is possible. I promised to release something playable in winter and I am doing my best to not disappoint you, Comrades.

Have a nice Advent season!

Bibber - - 260 comments

Ach lass dir Zeit. Winter geht bis Mitte März. :D

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Dibelius Author
Dibelius - - 260 comments

Hehe, ich mache es ganz einfach vom lokalen Wetterbericht abhängig. :D

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