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I am working on version 1.1, which I intend to release in December. Read the description below.

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Version 1.1 will include the already released bugfixes along with several other changes and some new features.

The Taleworlds Forum thread for my mod

The main changes so far include:

  • Fixed the spot on the map near Spahtum castle where troops might get stuck.
  • Fixed the Akkedan town scene. I am currently modding the Ashford town scene.
  • Modded Rubik's troop tree presentation to also show the troops' equipment, skills, and proficiencies.
  • Fixed some of the problematic dialogs with Barezan at the salt mine. It appears to work fine now.
  • Fixed the banner selection presentation to give the player a choice of more of the added banners.
  • Fixed the faction relations report to correctly show the two new factions and also correctly name the Eastern Province.
  • I am experimenting with increasing the pole-arm capabilities of the troops to see if the changes make pole-arms more effective. So far, it looks like they are working fine.
  • I have added some code to allow player to change his/her banner in the camp menus.
  • I have also added code to allow the player to change party name once they reach 200 renown.

I am working to solve the issue of having towns people fighting alongside the bandits in town ambushes. This is a small annoyance but hopefully one that I can figure out. UPDATE: I have fixed the issue of having towns people attacking during the night bandit ambush and the fix appears to be working fine!

Most of these above changes are not save-game compatible, thus version 1.1 will require a new game.

Other changes

  • Sebival Noyan now has appropriate civilian clothing
  • Nord Huscarl given the war hammer instead of two-handed axe to distinguish them more from Kelton Champions.
  • Vaegir Marksmen given better armor- they now have a light lamellar chest protector.
  • Took the seaxs from lower tier Nords and gave to lower tier Keltons. Gave lower tier Nords smaller axes to replace them.
  • Replaced the Rhodok cleaver with "broadswords" and added another Rhodok helmet to top tier.
  • Changed some of the equipment of Eastern Young nobles to make them distinctive from Eastern Cavalry.
  • Some of the factions' young nobles (Swadians and a few others) had 0 for athletics. I gave them 3 in athletics.
  • Other equipment additions, especially helmets, to various faction troops.
  • I am making some new armors from existing meshes to provide more variety or to improve the appearance of the armor in game.
  • I reduced the level, skills, and proficiencies of Masterless Men so they are less over-powered and don't have horses. They are still tough hombres that the new adventurer should avoid. This change also affects the combat capability of Edric Streona's party since he has a bunch of Masterless Men in the party. He will be a bit easier to beat but still tough with 150 good troops.
  • I and others have found a few issues with some of the castle sieges. For example, the siege ramp does not work properly at Hrus Castle. I am trying out a different siege pack made by Quasar, which does fix the Hrus Castle issue. Plus his siege pack doesn't require any changes to like the other siege pack did so it will be easier to implement (not that the other one was difficult).
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