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Notes Regarding the release of the first 'public' version of Kaiserreich, to give general direction to anyone who may be supportive of the idea but unsure as to the quality of 0.2

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Thanks for the feedback I got over private PMs regarding version 0.2 - I am currently working on 0.3 which will be released by the end of the month.I must stress though, 0.2 has some annoying bugs (i.e. Italy becoming GP #1) but this was really meant for internal alpha testing, but I had to release it here due to distribution problems. I would not recommend you download 0.2 if you are looking for something anywhere near a finished product - so download at your own peril :P

0.3 will be released by the end of them month without a doubt.

0.4 is expected to be the first release I would consider non-alpha material. So, with that in mind, give feedback and suggestions on things I can add for the next iteration of Kaiserreich. I'd very much appreciate if someone did a Let's Play or something of Kaiserreich when 0.4 is released, but not before, as there is an obvious lack of events which take time to implement and add due to the sheer number of countries vs one event scripter.


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