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Found a quickfix, applied it, don't get your hopes up.

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Hey everyone, it's been over 3 years, I've been busy with another project.

But couple days ago a friend of mine called MikeFunks figured out a way to make SMOD work a little bit in multiplayer, so I thought I'd fix up SMOD Troopers and upload a fixed version.

There is nothing really new, and it is still unfinished and buggy because I cannot edit or compile maps for the Source Engine 2006 anymore, Valve has removed that capability so I cannot create or edit content for the levels of this mod.

However the rest should still be as you remember.

Here's how you can create a server to play with friends :

  1. Forward your ports to host a listen server :
  2. Launch the map with sv_lan 1 set
  3. While IN the map, after the server is launched, turn sv_lan 0, and type heartbeat in the console.
  4. Get your IP address from
  5. Give that IP to your friends, adding the port number at the end which should be :27015
  6. To conntect to a server via ip, type in the console "connect (ipnumber)"
  7. Enjoy!

I know this requires a bit of messing around but it works pretty well.
The reason why the multiplayer was broken is because Valve "unplugged" the Master Server for Source Engine 2006, therefore there is no Master with the server lists, and VAC will shut down the server after 5 minutes it's up.

By turning sv_lan to 1 upon server launch and then to 0 ingame, it somehow does not send the query to the Valve Servers, and therefore works around this limitation.Don't expect to see any servers in the Server Browser, but at least you should be able to play it with your friends.

Or if any of you want to play with other people, you can always chat on the SMOD Troopers Steam Group Chat.
Don't expect any more releases or fixes for this, that's about as much as I can do without the ability to make new maps so...

Looks like this is goodbye boys!

Although SMOD Troopers might end in development here, the SPIRIT of Source Engine Coop Gameplay is not getting abandoned, keep your eyes peeled for Underhell, we might have some COOP Maps in there.

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Any chacne to hear from you again? Troopers always was verxy funny to play. Any chance you gonna re-do it is some other Source Engine version, that still supports MP?

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Mxthe Author
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The answer to your question is RIGHT above your comment.

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