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Sorry for the lack of updates but my internet has been acting goofy for the past two weeks and has finally decided to work right. The list of non-playable factions that will be featured in game as well as some new buildings and such.

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The non-playable factions will be:

Chiss Ascendancy

Corporate Sector Authority

Hapes Consortium

Imperial Warlords

Yuuzhon Vong

Zaarin's Empire

Zann Consortium

Also adding a cool new buildings for the Empire (and a change of Imperial Policy): Vader and Caesar want as many soldiers for the Empire as they can get and are much more progressive than Palpatine, and some Aliens are loyal to the Empire or willing to fight for them. With the war growing into more than just crushing a Rebellion, the Empire needs manpower and Vader is moving to push past old policies. Recruit Auxiliary Aliens Squads with the Allied Alien Recruitment Center. Although the Empire is normally xenophobic, Vader still keeps up a image of human superiority as to not upset the human populace, while Caesar is more progressive believing that race doesn't matter as long as they are good soldiers. (Kinda got the idea from SWTOR with the Sith Empire changing and recruiting aliens because of it's desperate need of soldiers towards the end of the game.)

Also you will be able to build: Imperial Outpost. Tired of wasting money for a big base on some backwater planet or unstrategic world, now you can build an IMPERIAL OUTPOST which will allow the recruitment of a few different Imperial units like Army troopers or AT-STs as well as providing a credit bonus to the planet. It will be all you need.

I've also added a area of recrutiment system to several units, mainly Imperial, in order to stress the reality of building the product on the correct planet and then actually having to ship it to where you want it like real militaries have to do. Such as AT-STs (with the exception of the Imp Outpost) are special to Balmorra, Rothana, and a small number of other worlds.

Lastly, I finished adding the heroes to the Hutts and will get to work on the others. I will have a pic up by the end of the day and I was serious when I said I needed a modeller. I have a special easter egg planned and may need a modeller for some new species or something, thanks.

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