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Noble Announcement & Release Date

I'm happy to finally announce the release date & time for DNRP3. Friday 9th December at 5PM GMT (12PM EST). The day before we launch (Thursday 8th), in the evening players will have the opportunity to get their gear spawned from their character application and a chance to explore the map! The password for the server will be posted on our discord.

If you haven't got your character application ready, this is the time for you to create and amend them, so they are ready for launch! Staff will be on hand to help assist any of you who are stuck with concepts and ideas for characters. With nobles announced, I encourage you all to get in contact with them to find a good position that fits you! And to reiterate previous statements, we are still looking for new staff members; Enforcers, Event Managers and Moderators, we are seeking new members in all roles.

I'd like to thank all those who put time in applying for nobles and notables and after a lot of discussions within the team, we have decided upon both noble and notable positions. We entrust all those in their new roles will deliver in the responsibilities their roles entail and push the vision of the server. See the list below, and we all look forward to seeing you on launch this Friday!

Nobles & Notable Characters

Municipal of Eastern Dhirim

fenix - FL

Noble House 1 - House dey Boumont

nupori - FL
Sir Bedevere - Support

Noble House 2 - House Arnaud

Daelin - FL
Demivar - Support

Notable Characters

Innkeeper: Jack
Bank Manager: Chk2
Head Surgeon: Silen
Arena Master: Incog
Priest: Moth

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